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13 Emotional Stages of Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a toddler in tow is a ticking time bomb of toilet breaks, forgotten toys and random tantrums.  Travelling entails alot of planning, packing, and entertainment to make the trip relaxing and to keep yourself sane.

Remember the days before you had kids when you would sit next to a screaming child on a plane? Well now you are that parent.

Once you are a parent and start travelling with kids, you basically become part of this special club that looks  at other parents with a sympathetic “we understand how you feel you are not alone” look. If you have never travelled with your kids before, here are a few stages of flying with a toddler that might be knocking on your door from when you book that flight ticket.






Fun fact: Weather or technical issues could lead you to miss your connecting flight or fail to even get off the ground in the first place. To avoid getting broke before you even set off, is a reason to buy travel insurance to cover these expenses. 











That being said, none of these should put you off globe trotting. Pack up your little ones and explore the world with them.  The earlier they get accustomed to air travel, the easier and more exciting they’ll find it as they grow up. Its all about keeping a positive attitude and always be ready to do some damage control. If you are fully convinced, Check out ICEA Lion’s Travel Policy

Happy Travelling!!


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