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Weekly Roundup: The Yummiest Githeri and How to Wear Red Lipstick

Just because you are happy, it does not mean that the day is perfect, but that you have looked beyond it’s imperfections.~ Bob Marley.

The Yummiest Githeri by Kwame Nyong’o

The new book by Kwame Nyong’o is a walm welcome for kids between 5 and 9 years old and depicts  the Kenyan culture, promotes reading in children with it’s relatable content and illustrations while teaching them varieties of Kenyan food. Kwame has also authored  The Tastiest Maandazi and I Love Ugali. The Yummiest Githeri launched at Village Market and got featured on Daily Nation’s Junior Spot.

You can purchase it here at Text Book Centre.

Githeri story


Vamp it up with Joy Quint 

Joy teaches us how to wear a red lipstick and what not to do when wearing a Liquid Lipstick .  She is one of our villagers and we love how our villagers are resourceful, creative and full thriving in various niches! Click below to get tips on wearing a red lip.



Funniest Kids Vine Compilation

If you are having a bad day or you just need something to light up your day; this compilation promises to be it. All we need at times is a good laugh and how funny are these kids! You’ll literally laugh yourself to tears.



First Day of School with The Gardner Squad

The first day of school is hard on the babies but it’s hard on the mums and dads too. This is the first step of sending your tiny child into the world which you would rather protect them from. Watch the Gardner’s experience with their quadruplets; four beautiful girls.



Willow the Wearable Breast Pump

Motherhood just got better, meet Willow, the world’s first wearable breast pump. Pump on the go and secure the milk!



Emotional Boundaries in Relationships

Love is transactional, and I don’t mean in a business kind of way but in terms of how we love each other and our selves. It’s a give and take transaction and when one person feels that they’re the only one giving and not receiving, they may withhold on their expression of love.

Here’s a well written article by Kris Gage.


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