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Weekly Roundup: Women’s Month, Gender Based Violence And Amazing DIYs

This week we are celebrating women’s month in style by fighting gender based violence and showing you various ways in which you can treat your skin using DIY home methods.

International Women’s Day: Eradicating Gender Based Violence

Gender Based Violence towards pregnant women in Kenya is estimated to be 13.5%,  a higher prevalence than that of many conditions normally screened for during pregnancy. Nzilani shares her experience as we move towards eradicating gender based violence, having conversations about GBV and creating safe spaces for it’s victims.

Watch, learn and share. If you know someone who needs help, have them reach out to a counsellor through the phone numbers at the end of the video.

Click here to watch part 2 of Nzilani’s story.



A Counsellor’s  Perspective On Gender Based Violence

Susan Cherono, a counsellor, offers her insights on gender based violence, adding that children are most affected from gender based violence. She shares an example of how children are affected and how family and friends can support a person going through gender based violence.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!



Making Home Made DIY Lotion With Thitu Kariba

Thitu shows us how we can DIY our own moisturizing home made, chemical free lotion using essential oils, Vitamin C and other products that are great for your skin.

Watch & learn below and make sure to practice later!



Reading Books That Reflect Who You Are

Representation matters. And that’s why Sandra Muchekeza and her sister Dorothy Ghettuba Pala founded Asili Kids which publishes books that tell off black perspectives and stories.

“We loved them but we didn’t have that many books that reflected our own reality, even growing up in Kenya,” Muchekeza told CBC’s Edmonton AM this week. “They were just these things that were looking out.”

Some of the books they have published are; Harriet’s Humongous Hair and The Monkey and the Crocodile.

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