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Of Lactating Booths, Trailblazers And Women’s Month Celebrations

This week we’re celebrating Women’s month shining the light on various companies that have set up lactation booths and facilities for mums, women making bold moves and women trailblazers in the country.

Lactating Facility Launched At Huduma Centre, Mombasa

Breastfeeding in public is a  well debated topic but let’s face it; babies need to feed. Mothers in Mombasa can now breastfeed their little ones in the privacy of this lactating facility while waiting to be served at Huduma Centre. Tha facility was launched on Tuesday and will allow mothers to breastfeed while being served as well as Huduma staff.


Caesarean Section


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Bangladesh Woman Gives Birth To Twins A Month After Giving Birth

Ms Arifa Sultana gave birth in late February and after 26 days, she gave birth to twins. The twins were in a second uterus, a condition doctors says is not as rare as one would expect. Arifa delivered through CS and the twins are in good condition.




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Women’s Month #WomenDancingTogetherChallenge

Black Panther costume designer Ruth E. Carter kicked off a great challenge on Instagram and invited other celebrities to join, in celebration of  Women’s month. The challenge dubbed #WomenDancingChallenge has seen the participation of Gabrielle Union, Designer and Stylist  June Ambrose with other notable people being nominated.See more on the challenge below:



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Thank you @therealruthecarter for starting this challenge to finish out #WomensHistoryMonth in a fun way while showing the world anything is possible when women unite! So I stretched my hips and accepted this challenge of singing, dancing, and lip syncing to my favorite female empowerment song! We have all been through something in this life. We’ve all fallen and didn’t want to get up. We’ve had our hearts broken. We’ve all experienced failures. All women share these common truths and we can ALL rise when we stick together and uplift each other. Let’s keep this going and laugh and have fun along the way. I nominate @chrissyteigen @jessicaalba and @traceeellisross to keep this challenge going! ? @therealmaryjblige #WomenDancingTogether #WomenDancingTogetherChallenge

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Women Trailblazers In Kenya

The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta commended women and girls in Kenya who have embraced innovation and used limited resources to provide solutions to their communities in particular and Kenya as a whole. She also launched a book “Pioneers & Transformers: The Journey of Women Trailblazers in Kenya.” which celebrates the experiences of women in their respective fields and as mothers.



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Pinky Ghelani Is An Ambassador in The Zero To Hunger Sustainable Development Goals

Pinky is one of our Villagers and uses her forum to talk about important things that matter to us in our personal lives, champion for change in our communities and in Kenya as well. She’s also a fashion enthusiast and an international speaker and we are happy that Global Surveys on Sustainability and the SDGs chose her to represent Kenya. Kudos to her


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Kenya is home to 44million people and 88% of them live in the rural areas and rely in the produce they get from farming to sustain them. With drought being a result on seasonal rainfall, it becomes almost impossible to live sustainably on the small scale farming.Communities in arid and semi-arid regions face immense challenges, including drought, hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Food is listed as one of our basic needs and it is inhuman that many die of hunger. I am honoured to be listed as a @globalsurvey17 ambassador representing Kenya. My Sustainable Development Goal is SDG 2: Zero Hunger. We spoke earlier this week about what is happening in #Turkana and i would love for us to talk some more about next steps and solutions. I believe there is more that can be done, that we can do, together. Its not only a select few who can take action, it’s our world, our people. What do you want your world to look like in 2030? In the meantime, click on the link in my Bio to take this year’s survey. It’ll take you all of 5 minutes. . . #17throughoureyes #17goalstotransformourworld . . . Dress by @lcwaikiki

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