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Weekly Roundup : All about Babies and Working Blues

This week we focus on babies, a baby edition! Creative babies, newborn babies and as usual the motherhood  journey. Also, who experiences more blues; the entrepreneur or the employee?  Judge from an illustration below by Sarah Cooper.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the entire world; stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. ~ Albert Einstein.


1. McClure Twins Re-enact Tia and Tamera’s Twitches Movie

This week, The McClure twins Ava and Alexis re-enacted the Twitches movie as Tia and Tamera. We think they did pretty well and so do other people. Ava and Alexis are disciplines, hardworking and  creative which speaks volumes about their parents.



2. Sunday Blues and Everyday Blues

The blues look  favorable from either side of the divide.

Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, there are days you might think that you are having it worse than the employee if you are an entrepreneur ; or worse than the entrepreneur if you are an employee.

Sarah Cooper illustrates  this and clearly; the grass always seems greener on the other side.



3. Story Time with Janet Mbugua

Motherhood is a journey and with it’s ups and downs and the female body goes through a lot. It is divine how it carries life, nurtures it, brings it forth and morphs back into itself later. But, it  also needs nurturing, caring for and all round good health.  In the Part two series of Janet Mbugua’s story time; she tells us how she had 3 surgical procedures after  giving birth and the steps she’s taking to nurture herself.  Super-recovery to this Superwoman!



4. For Comedy Relief

We have this video from a funny and creative  family we all love and adore! Njugush and his creative family provide relief to our lives by posting  on Instagram, Youtube and across Social Media!  Watch Njuguna and  Dubai, and laugh away!



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  1. Island ink says:

    Nice, I feel all caught up! As an entreprenuer I can relate a little too much to the “2. Sunday Blues and Everyday Blues” and too busy to catch all the relevant social media highlights that matter to me so thanks for this!

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