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Weekly Roundup: Celebrating Diwali, Discounts and Firsts!

Happy Weekend ahead and Happy Diwali  Villagers! This week we are celebrating Diwali, Amazing offers from Jumia Black Friday and History made in the US Congress. Here are the stories we love this week!


Happy Diwali

Diwali started this Wednesday and will run for 5 days. If you’re not acquainted with the five days of Diwali or the festival itself, you can do so here.

If you are a DIY person, here are some Diwali decorations that you can make with your little ones and teach them about Diwali, decorating, creativity and innovation.


Jumia Black Friday

Jumia Black Friday is here and it’s a chance to save some money and buy those items you have always wanted to buy but have been so pricey. What’s more, we rounded up some items that we think our villagers might love to get such as beauty deals, tech deals, and other amazing mum and baby deals. Happy shopping and please let us know your experience with the products or your shopping experience


The First of The First

This week has seen impeccable choices in American politics as two women have been elected as congress women; Rashida Tlaib and Somali-American Ilhan Omar. Ilhan spent some time in Kenya as a refugee and has made great strides in her life. She is the first woman of colour to be elected congress in Minnesota, first Hijabi woman to be elected to congress and the first refugee to be elected to Congress.

Best African Act

In another First of the First, Tiwa Savage becomes the First woman to with the Best African Act at the MTV Europe Awards in Spain. It’s a winning week for Tiwa Savage, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib!


Kid Handing out free Hugs

Watch this Child give every stranger a hug after his parents told him it was time to leave, you won’t stop watching. Such a sweet child. Trust children to teach us pure love, kindness and raw honesty from them. They have the purest souls.


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  1. Isis Nyongo says:

    Didn’t know Diwali was 5 days long! And so amazing about the former dadaab woman refugee in an elected office – #goodnews

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