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Weekly Roundup: Parenting, Manager of the Year and Second Chances

As we come to the beginning of February we are appreciating the strength of a parent, a manager with a heart of gold and a contestant who defied all the odds.


Have You Been Swallowed by Motherhood

Can you separate who you are from motherhood or have you been swallowed up by it? Dominique Matti raises this question to us through her story on her motherhood journey. It’s easier for us to write self-care tips for mums because we feel they need and have an inkling of what might happen if they don’t take care of their personal identities.


But are they actually taking care of themselves, doing what gives them joy or have they let themselves get swallowed up by motherhood?

Read Dominique’s story  here.


Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

In-as-much-as we turn on the Television to finally get some work done and preoccupy our children, too much screen time  can make it hard for kids to read emotional cues. According to this article by Parents, prolonged exposure to screens hinders the ability of children to connect emotionally.

screen time

Click here to read.


This Manager’s Response to a Nursing Mum melted our hearts

Last week a Reddit user emailed her manager about her plan to return to work and this was his response. Isn’t it amazing? Blocking time to express milk let alone scheduling it in the calendar will allow the mum to be more present and productive in her work.


Truly, the manager deserves a raise. Read the story here.


House Manager’s Minimum wage increment

A new directive from the government to increase house manager’s salary has been circulating over social media the whole week. The expectation is that house managers will be entitled to a salary, NSSF contributions and NHIF contributions. With this in mind, do you think the house manager will be expected to pay their own house manager the same contribution? How accurate is this image?


Sometimes life gives you a second chance.. or even Two!

Kechi Okwuchi’s performance on America’s Got Talent is trending this week. Kechi suffered third degree burns when she was 16 from a plane crash that took away all her fellow students. This is the second attempt at America’s Got Talent after making it to the finals in 2017, and she got a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell!

Watch Kechi’s performance blow the audience again at 28 years old (We are not crying, you’re crying!)


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