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November and December Holiday Camps in Nairobi

November is here and so are the kids! If you’re not planning a holiday with your family enroll your little ones to holiday camps to keep them busy, engaged and socialized.

Sports and Fun

1. Swim Africa Langata and Kyuna Holiday Sports Camp

The camp combines various activities such as archery, swimming and cycling. At Swim Africa, your energetic child has a medium to expend that energy and learn new skills.

When: 4th Nov – 6th Dec
Nairobi Sailing and Sub-Aqua Club
KES 1,000 Per day and KES 4,500 Per Week

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2. Youth Training Camp

Lifeway House is inviting all kids and youths to their camp. It’s a chance to socialise, meet new friends, play games and learn new skills.

Where: Lifeway House
When:25th Nov – 6th Dec
Costs: KES 10,000

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 STEM and Coding

3. Young Engineers Holiday Camp – Eldama Ravine Close

No more plugging their fingers, or other items in the sockets! At Young Engineers, children have an opportunity to explore, create and learn money and financial skills.

Age: 4 – 5 Years
Where: Eldama Ravine Close, Off Peponi Road
When: 9th Dec – 20th Dec
KES 10, 500 Per Week

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4.Young Engineers Holiday Camp – Vihiga Road

For Villagers who live far away from Eldama Ravine Close, there is a camp at Vihiga Road. Children here will have a chance to explore and learn money sciences.

Age: 4- 15 Years
Where: Invisible Crown, Vihiga Road
When: 2nd Dec – 20th Dec
Cost: KES 10,500 Per Week

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5.Young Engineers Holiday Camp – Garden Brook School

The  Young Engineers Holiday Camp at Garden Brook School will have similar activities to Vihiga Road and Eldama Ravine Close Camps.

Age: 4- 15 Years
Where: Garden Brook School
When: 2nd Dec – 20th Dec
Cost: KES 10,500 Per Week

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Art and Literacy
6. Invisible Crown Christmas Edition Holiday Camp

What’s Christmas without drama, dance and art? Let your kids spend a day, two, or an entire week at the Invisible Crown Christmas Edition Holiday Camp learning, expressing themselves through art, dancing and socialising with other children.

Age: 5 -12 Years
Where: Vihiga Close, Off Vihiga Road.
When: 11th November – 29th November
Cost: KES 6,000 Per Week, KES 1,500 for daily rates.

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7. Children Finance Literacy Club Holiday Boot Camp

Is your child in boarding school? If they’re, you can attest to frequent calls by the teacher on pocket money issues. This finance  Boot Camp will teach your child the basic money skills to use in school as well as in future. The camp focuses on positive money habits and money principles such as investment, savings and budgeting.

Age:  5-17 Years
Where: Impala Rugby Club
When: 7th Nov – 6th Dec
Cost: KES 3,000 Advanced, KES 3,500 at the gate.

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8. Kids Yoga and Dance Camp

Your child can enjoy the benefits of yoga and begin learning how to self-regulate in a world full of challenges & stimulation.  Take your youthful yogis to Acacia Studios every Saturday!

Age: 3 years and above.
Where: Acacia Studios
When: Every Saturday
Cost: Single Kids Class, KES 700. Kids, 5-class package, KES 2,900.

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9. Dramatic Creatives Drama Holiday Camp

Unlocking your child’s potential involves signing them for classes that build their talents. It also involves signing them up even when they’re not talented. This helps them discover their talents and find hobbies and activities they love, which is exactly what Dramatic Creatives is offering.

Age: 4-9 Years.
Where: Olive Tree Kindergarten, Riara Road.
When:Every Monday
Cost: KES 4,500 for one Week and KES 8,500 for two weeks.

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10. Children Journalism Training

Parents this is an amazing opportunity for your child to learn something new beyond classwork; how to stay safe online,writing and publishing online, how to use social media effectively and much more.

Age: 6-17 Years.
Where: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu.
When: 11th Nov – 6th Dec
Cost: KES 5,000

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For more fun events and children holiday camps, visit our Information Centre.

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