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7 Life Lessons We Have Learned After The Festive Season

As we make 2021 our best year ever, it might do us good to reflect and collect the life lessons learned from 2020, the festive season and make better decisions in our lives this year.

Here are some lessons you might have learned;

Life Lesson 1: Less is More

Festive seasons especially Christmas and New Years comes with heavy consumerism which increases year after year in a household. Our purchasing behaviors can really affect us after the festive season. Being simplistic,minimalistic while still getting everyone gifts should be a goal. This is not to say that we be cheapskates,  but it saves you time, money and leaves a less cluttered home after the holidays.

2.Giving is Better than Receiving.

Life lessons

This is not to suggest that we should give to feel better about ourselves or to show off. Giving moves the focus from our problems and what we are missing to being there about others.

There’s something about giving that is so fulfilling. A festive season should not only be about you but should also incorporate service unto others.

3. Organization and Order are Great Habits

You could not find all the Christmas presents or the children’s passports for travel and got so overwhelmed. Little Sally’s gifts bought in October from a sale could not be found either. How about investing in organizational boxes and labeling them?

This will save you from having to go through the same search all over again. You can create fun ways to incorporate your children in tidying up. Netflix has an amazing and family friendly show called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and the children can pick great organization and life lessons from there as well.

4. You Pass your Traits to your Children

Life Lessons

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So teach them well, from your habits. Teach them that other people are important. Teach them that all people are important irregardless of their status, tribe, race or religion. How proud do you feel when people compliment how well mannered your children are? Feels great right?

If they constantly visit their grandparents, they learn that old people and family are important and they’ll pass this life lesson on. They will keep in touch with you when they’re older too because it comes normal to them. They saw you do it.

Next festive season, round up the troupes to visit family, sort through clothes you never wear and donate them, or make cookies and treats for the kids at the orphanage.

5. Parenting Techniques vary from Parent to Parent.

This means that your siblings or cousins parent differently from you and you parent different from them. It does not make either party less of a parent. Inasmuch as your techniques work better for you, other families have different dynamics and children have different personalities.

In addition, it is important to know how to navigate these conversations without putting a strain on relationships. It is also of essence to make sure you are not calling a parent inadequate or their children misbehaved with your tone of voice or choice of words.

6. You Need to Focus on your Finances

life lessons

You have big new year resolutions and goals which require resources in order to be achieved. More over, your children are growing at a fast rate, joining schools, growing out of their clothes, working on their hobbies and growing into their won little people. How prepared are you for their college tuition fees, your retirement cushion, travel expenses and whatever life may bring?

A new year brings our financial goals into perspective and teaches us that we are not growing younger and our responsibilities are increasing too.

7. There is a Need for Family Traditions

Gone are the days where the tradition would be to visit either side of your parents for the holidays and play the games you played when you were young, eat the food you ate you were young and enjoy traditions your parents/parents in law created.

There’s nothing wrong with visiting the grandparents, and we can definitely borrow their traditions. But what will your children borrow from you? In line with this, create some family traditions. They will also help you to instill some life lessons in your children.

Family traditions create a sense of anticipation for the holidays and fosters a sense of teamwork, belonging and helps forge strong family bonds.

What are the life lessons you learned from the past festive season? Share below!

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