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Take the Weight off Your Kids Shoulders With these School Bags

School bags

It’s back to school month! During this first quarter of the year, toddlers join playgroups, teens go back to secondary school and young adults brace themselves for a new semester. Bags are an essential item during this period and the quality and type of school bag you choose determines the comfortability and  quality time your children will enjoy.

Great bags with different partitioning, pockets, strong shoulder straps and strap connectors add to a great carrying experience to the school life of a student.

For Young Babies Ages 4 and Below

1.Generic School Bag for Girls Ages 2-4

It comes in two colours, pink and blue . The generic bag is padded for comfortability and made of sturdy material to last long. This bag is an ideal bag for kids starting kindergarten or going to playgroups.

Buy here KES 570.

2.Kids School Bag Racing Car

Partitioned, into two, this bag comes in red and black colour and is great for toddlers who are games enthusiast. It’s a great bag to get your fussy little one to go to school.

Buy Now KES 1,700.

3. Generic School Bag 3D

This bag is ideal for baby class goers, nursery kids and kindergärtners, and pre-unit babies. It also  has game inscriptions which are a great way to get your babies interested in going to school.

Buy Now KES 780.

4. Generic School Bag for Boys

It comes in blue and it’s a great choice for mums or boys who are colour particular. In addition, it’s lightweight, comfortable and padded for extra support.

Buy Now >>KES 570.

School Bags for School-Aged Children, Ages 6-11

1.Generic Bag Pack

Ideal for lower to middle primary children ie class 1 to 3 for lower and class 4 to 6 for middle,this bag is adequately partitioned to carry items( bags and lunch) to school and back.

Buy Now>>KES 789.

2. Generic  Bag 14

This generic school bag is made of sturdy long lasting material and is ideal for lower and middle primary school goers. It’s a medium sized bag and comes in blue.

Purchase Now>>KES 570.

3.Generic Bag Set of 5

It cones with a lunch box, pencil case, water bottle, and a drawstring bag. The side pockets are specially designed to carry water bottles and the shoulder straps are comfortable for lower primary  children. The material is also easy to wash.

Buy Now>>KES 999.

School Bags for Adolescents, Age 12-19

1. Laptop Bag 17 Inches Tough Material- Blue

This bag can be used as a laptop bag or a school bag and comes has two front zipper pockets, two side pockets to hold water bottles and has main zipper pocket. It fits a 17 inch laptop and is perfect for upper primary school goers,  high school students, University students and young adults.

Buy Now>>KES 1,464.

2.Generic School Bag

This bag is a great choice for university students and young adults due to it’s ability to carry safely items like laptops and other machinery.

Buy Now >>KES 3,500.


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