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6 Institutions For Artistic Children in Nairobi

Growing up, I loved reading and my siblings were drawn to music and machinery. In one way or another, our lives and careers gravitate towards these areas as our parents encouraged us to pursue them. Encouraging your child’s interest will set the tone of how they view their strengths and how they pursue them.

One way of supporting them is enrolling them in holiday camps, workshops, schools where they can meet like-minded people and enrich their skills.

Here is a list of art schools in Nairobi where you can enrol your child in either music, dancing, drawing among others.


Dance Centre Kenya

Location: Karen Hardy, Rosslyn and Lavington.
Genre: Dance, ballet, jazz
Contacts: +254 796 370937 (Lavington), +254 705725369 (Karen),  +254 713 930 549 (Rosslyn)

Dance Centre is well known in Nairobi for its Christmas nutcracker and has a training program based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. It offers various dancing styles, routines and more than technical knowledge to its dancers.


Click Here To Learn More.


Invisible Crown

Location: Vihiga Close, Off Vihiga Road.
Genres: Music, Drama and Dance
Contacts: +254 729 200 560, info@invisiblecrown.co.ke


Invisible crown uses the performing arts as a way to build confidence in children and people. To register for art classes, look at their 2019 schedule and choose the best optimal time for your child.


Click Here To Learn About Their Programs.


The Godown Arts Centre

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi.
Genres: Contemporary music, classical dance and plays.
Contacts: +254 729 200 560,  info@thegodownartscentre.com

This centre offers spacious spaces for exhibitions, performance spaces, offices for artists organizations, training and meeting rooms or made to cater to different needs.


If you’d like to more about the centre, participate in a class or host a series of art classes, feel free to contact them.

Click Here To Contact The Godown Arts Centre


Alliance Francaise de Nairobi

Location: Loita/Monrovia Streets
Genres:Languages, Arts and Culture.

Contacts: info@alliancefrnairobi.org

The Alliance Francaise hosts different events, artistic works and competitions every year for local and international artists. In addition, they have a theatre where local artists can screen their plays and movies or watch movies selected by Alliance Francaise.


Click Here To Learn More About Their Programs and Features.


The Kenya Conservatoire of Music

Location: Godown Arts Centre, South B or Kenya Cultural Centre

Genres: Music

Contacts: 0720 962 288

At Kenya Conservatoire of Music, music and art classes are affordable and individuals receive first-class quality training in music. If you or your little one are interested in learning a certain musical organ, enrol in their programs and play away.


Click Here To Learn More About The Musical Skills You Can Acquire.


Legato Music School Kenya

Location: Ongata Rongai, Church Road.
Genres: Music and Video
Contacts: 0723 417 300, 0770 910 383

At Legato, various music classes are offered at varying degrees. These include; instruments, equipment installation, music scoring, video management and others.


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Art comes in different forms. It’s expressed differently and interpreted differently. If there are more art institutions that have given you great knowledge, let us know in the comment section.



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