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How To help Those Affected By The Coronavirus

There’s been an increased sense of loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A loss of employment, people, dreams and plans due to economic uncertainty as people have been forced into self-isolation in their homes. 

As we unite against Coronavirus, what can you do to help the individuals and communities affected by the pandemic? Check out this list of organisations offering relief and support services for medical needs and food aids.


1. The Asha Kibra Food Drive

A lot of families in  Kibra live from hand to mouth and are feeling the pain of staying at home. The Asha Kibra Food drive aims to help people who have lost their jobs by staying at home. Click here to donate through M-Changa


2. The Global Foodbanking Network

The Global Foodbanking Network has provided financial and technical support for COVID-19 relief to over 43 countries. Click here to learn more about the Global Foodbanking Network’s response to COVID-19


3. The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, Kenya

Kenyans of goodwill can support the government’s effort to provide medical facilities, equipment and support to vulnerable communities. The fund’s board will publicize expenditure and contributions as they use professional pro bono services from firms like PwC and EY.


Anyone who wishes to contribute can do so using these details: Account Name: Kenya COVID-19 Fund, Account Number: 2042554653, Bank Code: BARCKENX. Or M-PESA Paybill: 999000, Account Number: Name of the individual or organization.


4. Dignified Children International (DCI)

Dignified Children aims to transform the lives of children from impoverished communities. DCI was notified that the children they work with at the Bewomi Children’s Home, and their children in Tambaya Village, Nyeri County, Kenya, are currently lacking the food they need to survive, and the supplies they need to combat this pandemic, as the government has closed all schools and institutions in an effort to contain the virus. 

In response, they’re mobilising and fundraising to get the essential food items, face masks, soap, and hand-washing containers our children need to get through these uncertain times. Please, consider donating if you are able.

To donate in Kenya, please send funds to Mpesa PayBill No: 247247, Account No:1340264533522.

To donate in the US, please go to, and select the “donate online” tab.

Click here to learn more about Dignified Children International.


5. Rotary Club

Rotary in partnership with other goodwill organizations have established a fundraising kitty to assist the urgent resourcing needs for health workers as well as vulnerable groups in urgent need for handwashing facilities, soap, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and support outreach communications work to support recommended hygiene initiatives.  

The initiative dubbed #Tuma200bob is a simple way to support efforts to combat various challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about the Rotary Club here or here.


If you would like to contribute, use the following details: M-PESA Paybill NO: 891300, ACC: Health, or Bank: Prime Bank Ltd, ACC: Rotary International District 9212, Branch: Kenidia House. 


The COVID Crisis is bigger than any one of us and requires us to unite in our efforts to help those in need and anyone who has been affected whether directly or indirectly. As you learn about how people are being affected and what their needs are, share this information by being a voice for how people can support each other in this time of social distancing while staying safe.

If you or a person/company you know is involved in Charity work aimed at COVID relief, let us know and we’ll update this list.


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