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Discover The Village: Love and Relationships

Over the years, we have written a lot of love and relationships stories to help mums in their postpartum journey. Here are the stories you might have missed.


1.Why Some People Can’t Find Love

For single people reentering the dating scene can be daunting at best. These simple tips will help you get back in the game and find love.

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2. This Valentine’s Day – Pay Attention and Let Love Flow

This Valentine’s Day be different. Drop the whole ‘If he loves me he will know’. Turns out, men are not mind readers. Caroline Mutoko shares some sage advice.

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3. 6 Charitable Gifts Ideas For The Month of Love

This Valentines, go out of your way to make someone happy, make them smile  and extend love and happiness to the less fortunate in the society. Instead of focusing on what you’d like to receive this week, focus on being empathetic to the less fortunate by giving gifts and participating in charity , cleaning the environment, or taking care of our wildlife.

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4. Turns Out Love Has a Language, What’s Yours?

According to bestselling author Gary Chapman, human beings show and feel love in 5 main ways. Shiko Nguru shares her own discovery of her love language.

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5. I Found Love in an Unlikely Place

Who would have thought I would find love in such an unlikely place?

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6. 10 Epic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Single Women

Instead of forgetting who has really loved you through the good times and the bad, make the most of these Valentine’s Day ideas as a single woman, and spend it with the people in your life.

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7. 7 Things No One Tells You About Cross- Cultural Relationships

Cross- cultural relationships are nothing new in our society. However, they can also bring about some unique challenges. Here are 7 things no one tells you.

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8. Poll Results That Show That He’s Not Really into You

He loves you; he loves you not. How can you tell? Maureen Ojunga explains.

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9. 5 Things Women Actually Want To Do at a Romantic Picnic Date

Whether it’s a first date or you’re trying to rekindle the romance, why don’t you find a scenic spot to enjoy the fresh air, in a low key setting and get to know your date with these awesome romantic picnic date ideas.

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10.The Dating Mistake You’re Probably Making

Sometimes we forget about men. No matter how tough a face a man wears, he also needs love and support from a woman. Find out how from Dayan Masinde.

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11. Valentines Retreats We Look Forward To

February is here and so is Valentines! This is  a season to celebrate what love has to offer as well as enjoy our beautiful country. If you really want to make  this day a Valentine to remember;leave the city and visit the dreamy cottages, coastal towns, and rural retreats that we have put together.

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