Weekly Roundup:Dads In The Labour Room and Writing Mums

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Of Dads In The Labour Room and Importance of Writing as Mums

This week we focus on Dads in the village. How many of you accompanied their partners to the labour room and how was the experience? More importantly, how did you feel about the birth process and paternity leave? In one article, Jackson Biko shares his anecdotes on a dad’s experience in the labour room and in another article a dad answer’s every new dad’s question; ‘What is my wife doing at home all day?’

Stay to read more of dad, mum pregnancy and birth stories in this week’s roundup.

Man Talk: Dads in The Labour Room

Jackson Biko shares the fun and not so fun aspects of being in the labour room with your wife. In a well delivered humorous piece, he also shares why you should be there as a dad and why no one cares about men in labour wards.

diaper changing

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With Dads at Work, What Do Mums in Maternity Leave Do?

Having a newborn can make small day to day activities high balancing acts. Going out, boarding a vehicle, getting groceries among others. Sure, you can do other things when the baby is asleep, or quiet; but how many babies have a sleep pattern at the get-go? Your sleep, showers, breaks, coffee breaks, and lunch are now at the mercy of the newborn’s schedule making it hard to have a routine.

breastfeeding struggles Nairobi

This new dad understands. This is what he has to say.


Mama, Mama, Only Mama

Children matter. Parenting matters. Lara Lillibridge shares the importance of writing as a mother, and snippets into some of her writing journey, her writing decisions and the roles her children have played in it.


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Stillborn Children Are Still Children

Still A Mum shares some heartbreaking stories of how Kenya’s maternal health’s system has failed mothers to stillborn children. These stories leek of heartbreak from mistreatment and the disregard the system has for their pain and their stillborn children.



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Weird Things We Learned from Our Mums

Myths or not, we actually grew to believe and still believe some of the nuggets they shared.

Read what these mums learnt from their mums.


What weird or superstitious nuggets did you learn from your mum and somehow follow? Share below!


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