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Weekly Roundup: Creating Family Routines, Healing and Restoration

This week we are all  about family. It’s really important to create family routines that encourage bonding among family members while allowing individuals to thrive and express themselves. Routines like sharing a meal once a week, playing a board game once a week or having a themed day really increases bonding in families.

Never stop being a good person because of bad people.~ Anonymous

DusitD2 Attack

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families and friends who lost loved ones at 14 Riverside Drive and we pray for a quick recovery to all casualties recuperating at various hospitals. No amount of words can depict how horrific this attack is, or explain the magnitude of it’s impact.

In addition to this, we are really proud of Kenyans and their support in donating blood till the blood bank at Avenue Hospital was full and donors had to be directed to M.P Shah, The Agha Khan and Kenyatta Hospitals.

In the words of Erick Wainaina, Umoja ni Fahari yetu -Unity is our Pride.


Talking To Children about Terrorism

In as much as we would like to shield our children from all the bad happenings of the world, we need to talk to them, educate them, listen to them and be supportive of any feelings they might have.

This article by the conversation clearly outlines how to have this talk and the different methods in which to do this as per different age groups.

Read the article here.


Beauty For Ashes

Making sense and purpose from past failures while  bringing healing and restoration to your present requires a lot of determination, strength and tenacity. Watch this video to learn more on Thitu’s show, Beauty for Ashes,  and get a sense of how to make diamonds from dust.


Creating Family Routines

In the pursuit of life, it’s possible to miss out on the most important aspect of life; family. Family routines, especially when established early, can really build great family bonds. Create routines that enable expression and fun while cultivating social values in your children.

This video shows the different methods you can create these routines and avoid over-scheduling.


Creating Structure for Your Children

Are you having trouble creating structure for your young kids? This video shows you how to make routines and make sure your children know that certain events follow certain events. With the festive season long and done with, it’s time to establish some structure!

Dad Sues School for Refusing to Admit His Daughter

A dad in Kibera has sued a school for refusing to admit his daughter over the choice of hair style.

Click here to read the story.

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