7 Fun Social Distancing Activities To Indulge In With Family or Friends

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7 Fun Social Distancing Activities To Indulge In With Family or Friends

As we’re now stuck at home, we have to find ways to pivot and adapt to the new normal. These fun social distancing activities offer a great way to socialise while indoors and bring structure and routine to our lives.

1. Yoga

Yoga awakens your body. Chances are you’re spending a lot of time seated, crouched over a laptop or lying around. After a while your body becomes lethargic and your energy levels start to drop. Have a yoga family routine with your family and bring back the energy and motivation.

Yoga is a great social distancing activity to add to your morning routine and give you the energy you need to start the day. Here’s a great video for beginners:



2. Learn A New Game

Now that we’re spending most of our time indoors, our brains are craving new experiences and challenges. Invest in a board game. Board games can be fun social distancing activities that actually enhance family bonds and get our faces off the screen.

I recommend Chess. I find it very tactical, and a welcome challenge whenever I’m feeling demotivated or need a little downtime with my family.


3. Create a Home Garden

There’s a lot of worldwide hoarding going on. If you have space at your house, a small kitchen garden will do wonders. You can plant some herbs, succulents and spices. Not only will you enjoy watering them at sunrise, but it will also save you from trips to the mall.

I currently have some Lemongrass in my corner and I love making some lemongrass afternoon tea.


4. Throw a Netflix Party

I hear Tiger King and Ozark are pretty good choices. Invite your girls and have a Netflix party. Use the chrome extension to add chat room to your screen, get some popcorn and have fun!


screen time


5. Start An Online Book Club

Books, books and more books!! Who doesn’t love a great book? Reading is a great social distancing activity to undertake especially early in the morning and late in the evening, just before bedtime. Start a virtual book club with your friends and start reading. I recommend Mind Platter by Najwa Zebian. It’s amazing.


6. Have a Cooking Competition

Meal prep will save you from all those what’s for dinner/ lunch questions. Have a cook-off with your friends and rate each other based on presentation. Cooking competitions are great for mums who want to learn how to cook, want to have fun doing it or anyone who loves cooking.



Use Pinterest for recipe inspiration and make the most out of your social distancing stockpile.


7.  Take Up a Hobby

It’s always nice to have something that feeds your bank account, and another that feeds your soul. Take up a hobby today to keep you busy and sane while isolating. Drawing, knitting, writing, cooking are some great social distancing activities and hobbies.


What other fun activities have you and your family/friends adopted to cope with social distancing?


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