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5 Steps To Throw a Stylish Baby Shower

Baby showers have evolved from simple occasions involving family and friends to full-blown celebrations with themes, colours and parent’s personalities coming into play. Whether you are throwing a baby shower for yourself, your friends or as a surprise gift for your loved one; there’s a need to make it stylish, memorable and a day of fun and happiness.



  • Figure Out The Theme and The Colours


Assuming that you have a certain day set, tentatively, consider themes. If your baby shower is a gender reveal baby shower, you can have both colours incorporated into the decor, the cake and any other knick-knacks. Alternatively, for mums who want to wait till birth to know the gender of the baby, neutral themes like a simple Sunday brunch between you and your friends will do.


  • Location

Choose the baby shower location wisely taking into consideration transportation and the theme outlook in that location. Pick something that suites the mum’s style, theme and of course, comfort.


  • Hire Professionals

Hire an event planner and a photographer. An event planner will bring your theme into life, blend the colours and decorate the location just how you want it. In addition, a photographer will document the day. You want a mum to look at this day in remembrance, to enjoy the day and flaunt her bump in the pictures as well.


  • Play Some Games and Have Fun

There is a huge chance that most people at the baby shower don’t know each other. As it is in life, most of our friends are compartmentalized and meet each other on special occasions like this one. Friends from church, from college, colleagues and even neighbours.


Have some ice breaker games to get everyone interacting, making fun and ultimately having fun. Find a fun way to offer the mum gifts or hire an event MC. Basically, have fun.


  • Party Favours

Some personalized little gifts that your guests can take as they leave. You can choose between thank you cards, bracelets, earrings or be creative. They will probably not be expecting this and will cherish whatever gift you choose to have as a party favour.


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