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4 Good Breakfast Habits For Your Child

In most families, breakfast is the meal that introduces us to each other, each day. Somehow, we wake up and meet each other at the breakfast table, ready for physical, emotional and psychological nutrition. From morning hugs and kisses, murmured ‘mornings’, silent nod, morning look, and hearty meals, we look forward to seeing other family members and being grateful for the new day.


Except when you have toddlers and they wake up earlier than you, 5:00 AM, on a Saturday morning. You were looking forward to seeing them, just not this early. Children, being children, will have some self entitlement and think you’re at their beck and call. In all fairness, they don’t know how to start their day right, with the right strategies or mindset.


This is where you come in as a parent. You can create some breakfast habits that allow you to have healthy meals while being present and ensure the kids have a great start in the day.


  1. Physical Affection

Chances are, you hold your baby first thing before you feed them. This is a chance for you to reiterate your affection for them by hugging or kissing them. Appreciate them for the small wins. Expressing your affection reinforces their self esteem, confidence and it’s a great way to tame behavioural problems.


Confidence is fickle and if you make this a daily habit, you’ll boost their esteem and encourage them to be more social.


  1. Drink Water

A hydrated body is more alert. Water helps the body flush out toxins, and increases the production of new muscle and blood cells. If your child wakes up groggy eyed in the morning, try giving them a glass of warm water which will get them awake, alert and hydrate their developing brains and bodies.

  1. Healthy Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At night, your body uses energy to restore, and heal the damage done on a cellular level. It is therefore necessary that your child breaks the fast well and feeds heartily.


Prepare a balanced meal, complete with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and complemented with nutrients. In addition, you can complement their meal with Minute Maid Nutridefense orange juice to their breakfast. Fortified with Zinc and Vitamin E,  and an exciting way to break the fast.


We have put together 3 easy recipes you can try with your child for breakfast.


  1. Personal Morning Routine

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, ‘ Serah, you have no kids at all, otherwise you’d know people with kids don’t have time.’I get it. However, here’s the thing; for you to show up in someone else’s life consistently, you have to show up for yourself first. Your children feed off your energy and if you’re winning, they’re winning. You set the emotional and psychological tone for your children and your house.


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A personal morning routine can be as easy as making your bed in the morning, meditating or praying, journaling, exercise, drinking water or waking up 20 or 30 minutes to work on personal goals.


When you show up for you first, you are able to show up for others.



Good breakfast habits include hearty meals and setting the tone for your children on how you want the day to be.


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