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17 Facebook Support Groups you need on Your Mum Radar


Around 2 billion people worldwide login into Facebook every month, making it the largest forum after Google and YouTube to host online communities. Facebook usability in terms of engaging and sharing is also more suited to building communities in comparison to YouTube, Google, WhatsApp and Instagram which are fourth and fifth respectively.

This has made many people take advantage of the platform and build online spaces suited for various needs from personal interests to Business Interests. Among these forums and groups are those created specifically for women, mums and mums-to-be to provide guidance on how to navigate parenting, relationship and careers.

1. #WomenWorkKE

This Facebook group founded by Asha Mweru and Isis Nyong’o, seeks to provide a space for women to work from, find opportunities and mentors while further enhancing their education, career objectives and businesses. It also host a Market Place on Tuesday pegged #BiasharaTuesday among other interesting theme days. Looking for a group with like-minded fempreneurs this group is it!


2. MumsVillage Community

MumsVillage Community is a group by MumsVillage. It seeks to provide resources, expert advice for pregnant women as well as building a community for mothers. It also creates resources on pregnancy, parenting and juggling motherhood and careers.


3. Pregnancy and Nursing Support Group

This is a group was formed by Thitu Kariba of FitnessforTwo to support for pregnant mums, new mums or anyone in between. Mothers in this group are interactive and ready to answer common questions.


4. Still A Mum

“There is no footprint too small that it can’t leave an imprint too small on this world.” Handling the death of a child is not easy on the parents. It is especially difficult when the rainbow baby comes and loving it feels like an injustice to the departed child. Still A Mum helps mums navigate all these stages and more.


5. Support Single Mothers

Women raising children need support and more so if it they’re doing it alone. This group offers advice and comfort in the community of other single mums.


6. Confessions of a Married Woman

This Facebook group was created in Egypt for the Egyptian woman and aims to support women going into content and through advice from mothers going through the same or have gone through the same marriage provide advice and support on therapy and domestic violence. The group may be Egyptian but the problems women face are universal.


7. Mums and Nannies (Kenya)

It’s pretty hard to get a trustworthy nanny nowadays or one who will come back after Christmas. Moreover, there are a lot of issues going on between mums and nannies that should be resolved for a great relationship. Boundaries and expectations also need to be communicated for a better working relationship. Mums and Nannies seek to define all these, connect nannies to jobs and help forge better relationships.


8. Females In Nigeria (FIN)

Females in Nigeria is a group that leads conversations and discussions on the various challenges women and girls face in their different communities.


9. Postpartum Anxiety Support Group

Postpartum anxiety and depression is common among new mums. Not every new mum is able to navigate through the stages of having a newborn and that does not translate to her being a bad mum. This Facebook group anticipates to help mums going through this and provide support.


10. Kenyan Mums with Faith

“Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind.” ― Howard W. Hunter. This is a TV programme as well as an online platform or a Facebook group where mums  relearn and unlearn parenting techniques as well as invoking God in their parenting and motherhood journey.

11. Kindergarten Mommies Support Group Kenya

Finding a great school for your child as a mum is hard, and harder to find a great kindergarten that your toddler will love. In addition, there is need to instill great virtues in children and ensure that they maintain them in their schools and in life. Kindergarten mummies seek to advice, encourage and enhance all these in their members.


12. MumsWorld Kenya

The main aim of this group is to protect, promote and support optimal Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition through awareness creation and advocacy.


13. Women and Realities of Disability (WARD)

This Facebook group aims to create awareness on the challenges disabled women face. Women with disability are also parents, siblings, and one may not necessary be disabled but have a disabled child and wondering where to start.


 14. Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals

If you’re looking to spice up your meals and make recipes that the whole family will adore and crave for, this is the Facebook group to join. The group has over 1.5M members and 407 posts go up in a day which speaks volumes on the choices of recipes one can get.


15. Milky Mamas Breastfeeding Support

Although breasts are designed to feed babies after child birth, it can be such a hustle for some mums to breastfeed or express milk. Members in this group encourage one another by sharing their struggles, achievements and advice with other mums.


16. My Newborn and Beyond

My Newborn and Beyond is an interactive group where mums in all parenting stages share their experiences to encourage, inspire and work towards being better parents.

17. Parenting Group

Parenting group supports parents through their parenting journey. In this group, members encourage one another and share snippets of their parenting journey.


Support groups make it easier for new mums and older mums to navigate new roads in the motherhood journey as well as help other mums in their journey.


What other Facebook group has helped you most? Share below!


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