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11 Things You Need To Do After A Car Accident

When you are in a well, don’t dig deeper. The same can be said about accidents. It’s easy to admit fault when not at fault, cause more accidents or injure yourself further. Here are 11 things you ought to do right after an accident.



1. Check For Injuries


While it’s easy to be concerned about car damage, check yourself first and check the passengers in your vehicle. In case anyone is hurt, call for assistance, or St John’s Ambulance. Injuries are not necessarily bleeding injuries but can be internal as well. Any instance of internal pain should not be hidden as well. 



2. Activate Hazard Lights


Next, turn on hazard lights to warn oncoming traffic of the accident and urge them to slow down. Use a flair if you have to. Motorists in Kenya go to the extent of using branches and twigs laid strategically on the road to warn other motorists.



3. Exchange Contact Information with The Other Involved Persons


This includes phone numbers,names, addresses, and insurance information. Write down the vehicle’s make, model and licence number as well. In case you need to file a claim, this information comes in handy.



4. Do Not Leave The Scene 


You can be charged with hit and run if the other party was a pedestrian and if not, it makes clearing the mess harder with fines and jail terms. If you feel insecure after hitting a pedestrian, drive to the nearest police station and report the incident. 



5. Call the police


Call the local police officers to the scene. Police officers ensure that the due process is followed meaning that both parties exchange contact information, report filed and call in an ambulance and tow truck if need be. Ask the officer for the report number or obtain a copy from them.



6. Don’t Admit Fault, Wait For The Cops


Leave the police to determine whose fault the accident. By admitting fault, you are financially responsible for the damages whether or not it was your fault. Immediately after an accident,tensions are high, calm down and try to follow the due process.



7. Leave Traffic To The Cops


You feel bad that you’re causing traffic and nagged by the incessant hooting and sighs of frustration. As much as you’d want to offer a solution and direct traffic, leave that to the police to avoid causing more accidents or confusing traffic.



8. Take Photographs


In this day and age, photographs are seen as concrete evidence. Feel free to take photos of the damages, licenses and the vehicles involved. The documentation will help you establish the faults, extent of crash and help you later  with your claim.



9. Contact Your Insurer


Contact your insurer and report the accident, and any damages.



10. Take Note of The Day, Time and Weather


The weather can have huge implications on accident causes and are therefore relevant. As for the date and time, they’re necessary in future claims you’d want to make and any referral you make into the accident.



11. Go For a Checkup


As mentioned earlier, internal injuries have been known to occur and cause problems long after an accident has occurred. Although you feel ‘fine’ it’s important to ascertain that you’re indeed fine.


Your first time in an accident is nerve wrecking. We hope you don’t get into one but if you do, try and remember these tips, and call your insurance provider.


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