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5 Games to Play at Your Next Baby Shower

The sheer number of baby bumps and newborn babies on my social media timeline has me all nostalgic… I mean, who does not marvel at the miracle of a growing baby inside the human body? I know I do.

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I am a fan of all things baby shower: the ultimate surprise for the mom-to-be, the outpouring of love, the uuh’s and the aaaw’s and of course the cake (yes, I the self-confessed cake addict). This is always a fun time, and especially for the Mum as the days draw closer. Part of the fun during baby showers is of course the games!


Here are 5 exciting games for the baby shower you are planning:

  1. ‘No baby’

This is perhaps the most ironic of all the games, simply because it requires all guests to avoid saying the word ‘baby’ during the shower. This game requires the mastery of self-control.

What you need : A pin or brooch for each guest

How to play :  On arrival, present each guest with a pin or badge or brooch on their shirt. The rules state that no one should say the word ‘baby.’ If anyone does, the person who hears this first ought to take their pin or brooch and pin it on their shirt. The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins.


  1. Guess the Girth

This is a fun game for any mom-to be, because it probably is the widest they will ever be. Just as the name suggests, guests are required to guess the mom-to-be’s measurements. We had this game in a recent baby shower and it was so much fun to hear the outrageous guesses: D

What you need : A tape measure and a ball of wool

How to play: Have all the guests guess the measurements and then compare this with the actual measurements of the mom-to-be’s pregnant belly. Use the yarn and tape measure to do this. The guest with the closest guess wins the game.


  1. Name the craving

We are all too aware how weird cravings can be during pregnancy, which is why this is a fun game for everyone. The idea here is to get a certain number of the mom-to-be’s cravings, say 10, and then have guests guess the craving depending on the description provided.

What You Need:  Papers assigned 1-10 with the cravings listed.

How to play :  Mom-to-be will describe each craving as listed on the paper, and then have the guests answer what they think the craving could be. The person with the most correct answers gets a treat, preferably one of the (not so weird) cravings.


  1. Baby word scramble

This game is interesting, and goes to show just how many baby items you know.

What you need:  Manila paper and felt pen

How to play : Cut pieces of manila paper for each word, so that the length corresponds with the total number of letters. Scramble the words then have the guests take time to figure out what the respective baby words are. Here are some words to give you an idea: fiipaerc, lerrloset, bicr, esesnoi…


  1. Power of observation

This last game required the guests to pay attention to the mum-to-be, with a twist.

What you need : The mum-to-be’s choice attire for the day and a tray with baby items.

How to play : Place all the baby items on the tray and have the mum-to-be pass them around for guests to take note (and trick them) before she walks out. Once she does, one of the guests will ask the rest how the mum-to-be looked. What colour of nail polish did she have on? What was her hair-do like? Did she have earrings on? What was the colour of her dress?


The fun bit of this is that when the tray is passed around, the guests will focus on the tray, and not on the main reason for the baby shower, the Mum-to-be!!

Read more from Samoina on her BlogWhat other fun baby shower games do you have in mind? Comment below to share your ideas.

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