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Weekly Roundup: A Proposal, Career Advice and Parenting Tips

Everyone wants a great life right? There are certain ways that people follow to achieve this such as investing in one self, finding a great life partner, education and financial stability.  Sometimes those seeking peace or a better chance of life follow ways that are not favourable to all.  Being a tad bit too involved in your child’s life, bleaching your skin or finding new and unhealthy ways  to counter your fears are such examples.

This week we highlight some of these and offer article and video resources from us and different sources as well.

Your Child Needs An Inner Life

Parents monitor their children’s lives and rightly so but they also need to remember that supervision is not intimacy.  According to Jess Row’s article on the New York Times, Anxious parenting is an optimization economy with no upper limit, which turns every second of a child’s life, in and out of school, into a commodity.


Illustration by Andrea Mongia. Source: The NewYorker.


If you’re constantly snooping through your child’s or young adult’s life whether due to anxiety or  being over protective, this is a must read.

Congratulations To Bien-Aime Baraza  And Chiki Onekwe

Bien hired an entire Cinema at Westgate Mall and proposed to his longterm girl friend Chiki. We wish them all the happiness as they step into a new and exciting chapter in their lives.


Bien Proposes to Chiki


“I was not expecting this at all! Hiring out a cinema, all my family and friends involved. Thank you, thank you. Easiest yes I’ve ever said. To my homie, my best friend and sh** my fiancé, I love you,” wrote an excited Chiki.


What Drives One To Bleach Their Skin?

There is an increase in the levels of skin bleaching in Kenya and Africa as a whole.  There’s the general belief that light skinned people don’t struggle, get jobs easily and are more prettier. This is because of societal biases as well as what the media depicts as the ideal TV Presenter.

Watch this video to learn more on the dangers of skin bleaching, as well as the listen to the opinions of different media personalities on skin bleaching.



Best Career Advice From Business Leaders In Kenya

This article compiles some of the best pieces of advice,including one from our Founder Isis N. Madison and her husband.

Isis says;

Know what people want you to do and if that is work you want to do.”

For example, you may excel at building strategy documents but may get so tired of doing them that that’s the last thing you want to carry forward into a new role. This has helped me make so many decisions, big and small, about how I spend my time and also enabled me to open up opportunities to others.”

Click here to read more career nuggets.


Working Mums: New Special On Netflix

Working mums is a tell all into all the concerns mums have when coming to the end of maternity leave such as lack of pumping rooms, navigating relationships, and the desire to have a 5 year old vacation. It has 13 episodes and you need to make time for it this weekend.

Watch the trailer below to find out more.


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