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Return of the Kiondos : Plastic Bags Ban in Kenya

Back in the day, our grandparents used sisal bags as their go-to bags. Fast forward to 2017 and they are back with a bang!


The Kenyan government recently announced that it will implement a national ban on plastic bags by August 28 2017.  The ban will apply to two categories of bags: the carrier bag, a “bag constructed with handles, and with or without gussets,” and the flat bag, a “bag constructed without handles, and with or without gussets.”


Its about that time you raid your grandparents house and visit Maasai market looking for these bags because the 6 month grace period ends in a few days.


They will probably look something like this:


  • Lesso bags


……Last but not least you can also opt to get your own custom-made MumsVillage tote bag.



Not only will we embrace the ‘kiondo fashion’ but we will also support local businesses. Get your kiondos ready before leaving the house!



You can read more about the ban on : (Gazette Notice No. 2356 (Feb. 28, 2017), 119:31 KENYA GAZETTE (Special Issue) (Mar. 14, 2017), at 1077.)  


Gusett .n. –  an inset piece of material used especially to strengthen or enlarge a garment such as the collar of a shirt.



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