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11 Tips for Throwing a Last Minute BBQ on a Budget

Yes, it is the time of the year when the famous ‘Njaanuary’ phrase is being thrown around. We know- after a long month of festivities, the beginning of the year brings with it a lot of challenges in terms of having fun (makes two of us).

We’ve got you covered! Here are 11 tips on throwing a totally fun and trendy house party/bbq without breaking your bank:


1. Get Menu-Specific Party while You Cook

Food is usually the most expensive part of planning a house party so nip this expense in the bud by tailoring your party to a specific type of food. How about a Koroga themed party? Get two Supersaver- Envirofit Jikos, some meat, rice, and have guest bring other ingredients. This is a great way to drink up, learn new cooking skills, and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. Before the party ends, everyone gets to sit down to a nice meal.



2. Serve your Drinks in Fruit

What’s more creative than turning tropical fruits into cocktail glasses? Its definitely a two for one deal! Use the fruits to brew cocktails, and then turn them into chic glasses! Whether it’s pineapple skin or watermelon rind, no one will be able to resist snapping a few shots as its unique and absolutely appealing!


3. Bring on the Games

The weather is Nairobi has been beautiful and warm, who wouldn’t enjoy a few outdoor and yard games? They keep everyone busy while the food is cooking (including the kids) and they bring life to the party! A few suggestions are: Hula Hoop Competitions, Kati, Volleyball, Tug of War, Backyard Bowling and Water Balloon Piñata. Bring out your inner child!!



4. Do the Work as you Go Green!

When you are shopping for your party foods, don’t cave to convenience. Use ingredients you already have at home to make homemade desserts rather than spending a fortune for ready-made items in the bakery aisle. How about grilled pineapple s’mores or carrot and cinnamon dark chocolate kebabs made on Supersaver-Envirofit Jikos? They are easy to make, healthy and incredibly delicious!


5. Skip the Paper Invites

When inviting your friends and family Call your guests or get with the trend of WhatsApp group messaging!


6. Make Less Expensive Non-Alcoholic Signature Drinks

Don’t blow your budget on cases of soda and other high-priced drinks for the non-drinkers and kids. Make large bowls of fruit punch and offer water. Not only will this cut down on the cost of drinks, it will reduce the likelihood that drinks will be wasted.


7. Pot Luck Love

If your party guest list consists of your closest family and friends, coordinate potluck-style drinks. Request your guests to bring along a drink.  Make sure you have room in the fridge to accommodate the drinks.


8.  Be the DJ

Technology today allows us to entertain ourselves quite easily and affordably. You can download your favorite WizKid tunes to your iPad or live-stream apps, where you can make a playlist for the evening.


9. Use Sheets and Pillows

Give it a picnic feel- cozy yet elegant! All you need is a bunch of sheets, pillows, and the sunshine.


10.  Create a Photo booth

If you can’t rent an actual photo booth, set up a DIY “photo booth” area with special background, and ask people to take turns manning it. Create an easy backdrop that can be prepared for an outdoor party. You can style it using kikoys, and it can be prepared the day before the party, saving you time on the day. Pair it together with cool props that fit the party theme and create memorable pictures.  Besides, who wouldn’t like some unique snaps to post on their social media stories?


11. Find Budget Decor

While you may love spending money on fancy decor, some of the stuff you have sitting around your house could be perfect for your party, and it won’t cost you a dime. Mix and match three or four designs of bowls, plates, and cups. The effect is vintage, quirky, chic, and most importantly, cheap.


Party host tip:

Hosting a house party with friends and family can help you loosen up, and feel positively vibrant as the year begins. By skipping the pricey extras and getting creative with your food, drinks and decor, you can throw a cheap and elegant bbq party that has the same effect as a pricier fete! Its never that serious (they say) its the company that counts. 


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