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5 New Private International Schools to Visit in Nairobi

Looking for a novel, different type of private school for your child in Nairobi? We have got you covered!


1. SABIS® International School- Runda


With a mission to help all students achieve their full potential, prepare them for success in college, equip them with the ability and desire for lifelong learning, and strengthen their civic, ethical, and moral values, SABIS International School is a world renowned international school that dates back to 1886 and currently educates over 70,000 students in 20 countries on 5 continents. The school, built on a 20-acre piece of land near Kiambu Road and Northern Bypass junction will officially open its doors to students in September 2018, and offers a world-class education within a vibrant, multicultural community that is committed to academic excellence.

The facility will not only focus on education but also on development of abilities and talent in sports, art, swimming and indoor games. It will follow a globally recognized curriculum and sit international external exams such as the British IGCSE and A Levels or the American Advanced Placement. Additionally, the multicultural setting of the school will students develop a better understanding of world cultures.

SABIS Network schools seek to prepare graduates who: uphold high standards of ethical, moral, and civic conduct, make informed decisions on social issues, defend convictions and reverse negative peer pressure, participate in extracurricular  activities, school management, and community work, foster tolerance, cooperation, teamwork, and understand the people of the world through an appreciation of differences as well as similarities.

They can be contacted on:

+254 743 162 670


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2. Nova Pioneer- Tatu City

With a mission of developing generations of innovators and leaders who will shape the African Century, at Nova Pioneer all students, teachers, and staff live and learn by the following six culture principles- the joy of learning, achieving more together, always growing, servant leadership, solutions first, and high expectations. In Nairobi the schools consist of Nova Pioneer Boys, Nova Pioneer Girls, and Nova Pioneer Primary in Tatu City.

At Nova Pioneer, teachers don’t lecture, they lead discussions and facilitate projects that help students engage deeply and think critically about course material. With holistic and high expectations, the school treat students as leaders, and ensure that they rise to meet expectations by developing the character and skills that they need to lead on the continent. Furthermore, the learning experiences are full of engagement, creativity, and energy for example, students learn physics by building their own compasses to explore magnetism. At Nova Pioneer, students are prepared to think, act, and be active participants in their world- they are empowered to explore their interests and talents so that they develop a passion for learning.

They can be contacted on:

0798 985 094



3. The Nairobi Waldorf School- Karen


With an emphasis on holistic education, the aesthetic-spatial arrangements of the Waldorf schools mirror and support the growth and development of a child. The Waldorf education is designed to bring out the best of all aspects of the child by harnessing the imagination. The Nairobi Waldorf School strives to offer a developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to education which inspires life-long learning, and prepares children for our changing world by enabling students to fully develop their capacities in an environment that cultivates freedom to act and think.

By engaging the whole child – physically and emotionally as well as intellectually – through the liberal use of the arts in the service of teaching academics, an internal motivation to learn is developed in the students, which persists throughout life, and makes excessive testing, for example, unnecessary.

The curriculum comprises all the traditional subjects and speaks to the child at each exact stage of development, with the emphasis on learning from engaging primary experience rather than by means of secondary education.

The can be contacted on:

+254 786 810 142


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4. Crawford International School- Tatu City



With a mission to ensure that every child is a masterpiece that is committed to excellence, Crawford International School will be opening its doors in Tatu City on 4 September 2018. Crawford International School is aligned with CrawfordSchools™ that has been a proud leader in progressive and high-end private education in South Africa since 1993. Crawford International School is a trailblazer in innovative and forward-thinking education, where every student is acknowledged and offered the opportunity to excel. Crawford International School offers an academic foundation of the highest order and ensures that each student is developed into a fully-rounded individual whilst being skilled to interact in a collaborative manner. Cultural success in Arts, Music, Dance and Drama, is a cornerstone of the education that we provide, while sport is enjoyed by every sports-loving student and community involvement is celebrated by every civic-minded citizen.

Crawford International School will be guided by the British Curriculum and the Cambridge International Examinations Board is the preferred choice of syllabus in the majority of subject areas. Crawford constantly reassesses curriculum and teaching approaches, adapting to the child’s needs and aligning with global goals and trends.

They can be contacted on:

+254 708 995 242



5. Brookhouse School- Runda


In late 2017, Brookhouse Schools welcomed the Runda Campus to the Brookhouse fold. Situated on a in the residential suburb of Runda, this new campus is a dynamic centre of academic excellence. Brookhouse Runda Campus follows the British education system and emulates the same academic standards that its sister campus in Karen has become renowned for. Based on a nurturing blend of academic focus, international understanding and wider values-based engagement, the well-known Brookhouse educational ethos has formed the foundation of the Runda Campus- the pursuit of academic excellence is at the centre of their educational philosophy and approach.

With state of the art facilities, small classes and a wide range of subject choices, Brookhouse Runda fosters experiential education through the Reggio Emilia inspired approach for their Early Learning School. It consists of a boarding house, arts & cultural department, and extensive sports department.

They can be contacted on:



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  1. shelasunrise says:

    A lot of new schools, wow! Spoiled for choice in Nairobi but what about Kisumu and Mombasa?

  2. Sporty Kenyan says:

    Im super intrigued by Novas and Sabis’s teaching methods- I’ll definitely recommend these to friends

  3. michelle says:

    It’s nice to see new schools in Nairobi that increases the options of parents for different education systems in Kenya. Let me check out their sites to see how much I need to start saving. I wonder if any of these cater to special needs.

  4. sharon says:

    Someday, somehow my baby will be an alumni in one of these schools. Currently crushing on SABIS..

  5. Island ink says:

    I know these ones are in suburbs – I think there must be something about large lands plots as all large schools!

  6. Jennifer M says:

    Sabis sounds really good, cant wait to see how it turns out!

  7. Edward Maleek says:

    Great list. Just in time as I am actually looking for a school for my little one

  8. tamulamu says:

    Brookhouse campus in Runda is amazing – went for an Open Day – wow, if only I lived nearby.

  9. Aparupa Chakravarti says:

    some interesting, potentially unconventional models here, like Nova Pioneer

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