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Reasons why Diani is a go-to place for tourists

Diani is turning into the haven for tourists, both domestic and international, due to the various attraction sites, accommodations and fun activities that visitors can engage in while here.

SleepOut samples some of the reasons.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach has been named Africa’s Leading Beach Destination at the World Travel Awards in 2014 and 2015 making it a top attraction spot for tourists.Diani

The beach, located along the Kenyan coast, 30km south of Mombasa, is known for its palm fringed white sandy beaches and calm inviting waters with myriad fish, sea turtles and dolphins.

Colobus Conservation Centre

Colobus Conservation Centre was created to protect the Angolan black-and-white colobus monkey, a once-common species now restricted to a few isolated pockets of forest south of Mombasa.Colobus

The centre runs excellent tours of its headquarters, where you’ll likely get to see a few orphaned or injured colobus and other monkeys undergoing the process of rehabilitation to the wild.

You can also enjoy forest walks (per person KSh1000) in search of wilder primates and other creatures. Volunteer programmes are also available.

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

Kaya Kinondo is a sacred forest of the Mijikenda community though it is open to the public. The forest itself is dense but humble with most of its plants said to be of medicinal value to the local communities.Kaya

Before you enter the forest, guides will ask you to wrap a black sarong around your clothes, promise to refrain from kissing and leave nothing but footprints.

Skydive Diani

In its two years of existence, Skydive Diani team has sought to create and facilitate sport parachuting in all its facets within Kenya.Skydive

The group has taken a lot of people, both Kenyans and tourists, up in the sky to enjoy the ultimate rush of jumping out of an aircraft. The team comprises of experienced skydivers who would readily offer training lessons at a fee.


Diani is famed for hosting some of the most prestigious accommodation in the Kenyan coast. The accommodations are in different price range catering for travellers on a budget and those looking for high end hotels, holiday homes and resorts.accomodation

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It is nearly impossible to get bored in Diani Beach, not with a variety of water sporting activities to engage in.watersports

From swimming to snorkelling, diving, boat riding, kitesurfing, kayaking and deep sea fishing, Diani passes for the spot you must just visit for your next holiday.

Diani at Night

Diani is known for its vibrant night life with several night clubs offering meticulously brewed Kenya beer, food and music, both local and international, thus appealing to all audiences. Check out Shakatak Disco, Tandoori bar among other joints and enjoy being Kenyan for the night.

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