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Festive Fashion : Airbrush Makeup By the Pros

This is a 10 on 10 look that everybody prefers to have during weddings, Diwali, or any other festive occasion.This festive season opt for colourful clothes with embroidered borders or mirror work. The makeup has to be absolutely phenomenal with a traditional yet not over the top look.

“For Komal, I have created a canvas using airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. It is silicone based and has a very good stay-power, covers all your skin dullness, scars, pigmented areas, dark circles in a very even way. 



Airbrush gives an amazing flawless look in person and in photographs.

No touch ups are required, it is sanitary, never looks like the make-up is caked on, it is water resistant (it will not come off with hugs, sweat, tears or humidity),” said Khyati Rana of airbrush and its benefits.

FACE: The base is fully covered with airbrush silicone products (a fine mist of foundation is sprayed with a small air compressor gently covering the skin), covering all the exposed areas like the neck, chest, ears and the entire face. 

The blush colours should be in the tones of corals, peaches, pinks et cetera.

If it is too red because that can take away the innocence from the face. Whatever you use  should be blended well into the skin and be natural.



Use contouring on the cheeks, nose, and jaw lines to define the features.

Highlighting has to be used on the cheekbones and nose to bring the glow on the face for that traditional look. 

EYES: For traditional clothes, any kind of eye makeup will look good. Keep all or some of the colours of the outfits in mind while applying your eye shades. Try to use colours on eyes but don’t over do it. Colours in trend are golds, coppers and other bright colours. Use a different colour eyeliner to transform your look. 


LIPS: Use a creamy matte lipstick. The creamy part helps to contain moisture of the lips while the matte makes the lipstick stay longer. If you make it glossy the stay-power of the lipstick reduces. 

JEWELLERY: Traditional earrings and neck pieces along with bangles will give you a perfect look to celebrate your festive or cultural function. 


Komal Mandavia (2)


HAIRSTYLE: If you are wearing a saree, go for a side bun or a messy bun. If you are wearing an anarkali or lengha choli go for puffs and loose curls styled in different ways and use accessories such as the tikka to focus more on your face.

Pictures by Hussein Jiva

Model : Komal Mandavia

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