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How I Celebrate Christmas as a Hindu Mum

No matter what religion you are, Christmas is an inevitable celebration. One thing I have really enjoyed as a mother is being able to see the world through my children’s eyes and therefore getting excited about the festive season.

Being a Hindu I have absolutely no qualms about celebrating other religions. I love to celebrate anything and everything. Being a mother really does allow me to see the world though different eyes. My perspective now allows me to get excited and plan to shop and teach my children about why holidays and festivals are celebrated. I like the fact that my kids have the opportunity to grow up in such a diverse society and are exposed to so much. This is actually my favourite time of the year.


During this festive season, we go all out. It is bigger than Diwali in my home and I am excited to be able to celebrate in such a manner. I suppose my children see the decorations everywhere, sing Christmas carols in school and know that they are on holiday because of this celebration, it allows for us to really embrace the festivities and participate too.

I never go out of town during this festive period because I like the vibe in the capital city. I know I sound like such a dull mother. What no screaming down water slides? No boarding an aircraft and trekking half way across the world so I can show the kids snow?

No. Here are my reasons why:

  • Holidaying at this time of year was different when I was a single girl. Now everything is on a budget and to be honest, the prices are way too marked up and the hassle of actually traveling just tires me when I think about it.
  • The sun is out which means we all want to wake up early and go outside and play and play and play – beats that TV time any day!

screen time


  • There is hardly any traffic – both auto and human, which makes moving about and hanging out at malls pleasant.

Apart from these, here are my top ways to make a merry Christmas indeed merry and memorable.

  • I plan ahead. Unless my staff are extremely adamant about going away for the holidays I try and give them their leave time during the year, they never seem to mind, plus the double shift per se gives them great Christmas bonuses. This way come Xmas day, I can have a lie-in and they can assist in looking after the children. MOM WIN!!
  • Presents have been accumulating in that store that no one is allowed to open since September. I love to see my kids’ faces light up on Christmas day. We all know gift-giving is very expensive. So come September I start collecting stuff that I know will be useful and valued so that it seems that Santa valued their good behaviour. Smiling faces all around.
  • It is a great learning opportunity about other people’s beliefs thus building understanding and tolerance. When my 6-year old asks me why we celebrate Diwali, I need to give her the reason and inform her fully. Similarly, when she plays Archangel Gabriel in her play it’s easier to understand.
  • I take lots and lots of pictures. Yes, the corny dress-up pictures. It is hard work and there is loads of crying, sulking, shoving and tugging but at the end of the 2 hours of me almost wanting to pull my hair out I might get one or two really fantastic pictures that will remain a memory forever.
  • We all declutter. Starting November we begin to look at toys and clothes that no longer fit. I also go into my closet and kitchen. I search my husband’s wardrobe for all that stuff that we never use but someone can use. We then donate and when the curious children question what is going on with all these piles of stuff – I remind them of the attitude of gratitude and how important it is to not accumulate but to share and rotate things.



There are so many ways to celebrate the holidays – some opt for very simple and some for extravagant. Whatever your choice, my advice to you, fellow mum enjoys it. Because time goes so quickly and these moments will never ever come back so savour all the celebrations, the tantrums, the laughs and giggles because it will be January soon and we know that the hustle starts once again.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017.

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