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Nicole McMahon : The Way to a Man’s Heart

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. I have found that this is often a tie with his children, his dog and his favourite sporting team.

Fathers Day is quickly approaching, and let’s leave the past of him almost forgetting Mother’s Day alone. The wilted bunch of flowers he carried home from the soccer match is not a reminder that he likes sport more than you… It’s a reminder that even when he is a few beers down, celebrating his teams victory with his mates he walks home with a goofy smile thinking of the wonderful mother of his children.



So let’s give him that goofy smile again, celebrating what a great father he is. And as an added benefit you can spend some wonderful time with your children baking up a treat. Is there nothing a calm as a child silent with concentration as they ensure they finish all the left over cookie dough in the bowl?

I know whenever we made chunky choc chip cookies as a kid, Dad would devour 4 in the time we could eat 1. He’d laugh at our protests, claiming he wasn’t greedy he was just good at appreciating our hard work. It was for us he said.

easy chocolate chip cookies

So let’s make Dad some chunky cookies. We have various steps for your kids to help with depending on age, whether it’s making you a coffee to relax with while they follow the recipe, or finger painting designs on the cookies you’ve baked.


Here is a Cookie Recipe. You can opt to use his favourite sporting teams’ colours for the icing.

I’ve heard a rumour, but never seen proof, that not all Dads have a sweet tooth. If that’s the case with the man in your life then not much beats the joy of a Sunday morning crispy bacon and fried egg sandwich, coated in butter, and slathers of his favourite condiment. This isn’t the time to harp on about health, tomorrow you can make him a green smoothie he’ll fake enjoy, today is for him.