News: BabyBliss Nigeria Merges With MumsVillage Kenya

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Bliss Group Announces Successful Completion of Merger between BabyBliss Nigeria and MumsVillage Kenya.

To our MumsVillage Community,

We’re thrilled to announce that we are merging with BabyBliss Nigeria to form the Bliss Group. The last 5 years have been an incredible journey for MumsVillage for our amazing team who have focused on serving our growing community of parents and partners without whom we wouldn’t have made it this far. 


Why we are merging

We started MumsVillage because we found a gap in locally relevant parenting information and access to baby products online not only in Kenya but in other parts of Africa. We dreamed of building something that could scale beyond Kenya and have found the right partner to make that happen now.

BabyBliss has an amazing team with deep retail and eCommerce experience in Africa’s largest economy which complements our strength in building communities and content online. The newly formed Bliss Group presents a significant opportunity for these synergies to digitize the parenting journey in a way that reflects the changing digital habits of mothers across Africa. We share a vision to give diverse choice and convenience to African women along their motherhood journey. 


What this means for you

Understanding the need to preserve both BabyBliss Nigeria and MumsVillage Kenya’s heritage in their respective home-countries, Bliss Group is committed to supporting our local communities and continuing the relationships created with our clients, partners and employees. While you may not notice any immediate changes apart from our collective exuberance, we will soon increase the range of quality baby products in the MumsVillageShop

We are excited to share more about what we’ll be working on together in the coming months as we do have more up our sleeves. The possibilities are immense and we are only just getting started. 

Please read our full press release for the details. 


20 July Instagram Live with the leadership team

In the meantime, please join us and BabyBliss for an Instagram Live on 20th July 2020, 3PM where you can ask questions from the all-African female leadership team (Isis Nyong’o, Jika Nwobi and Millicent Muigai).


Thank you for being part of the village!

Isis  Nyong’o, Group CEO and Millicent Muigai, Kenya CEO.