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Your Top 13 Stories on MumsVillage

MumsVillage is officially 6 months old! And yes, today is Friday 13th. But don’t worry – there is no such thing as bad luck around here.

Thanks to you, Mumsvillage has been growing by leaps and bounds.  To celebrate this special milestone, we present a fresh roundup of our most popular posts chosen by you, our loyal readers. In no particular order…. Drum roll please!

  1. 6 Special Ways to Empower your Nanny

elderly nanny in uniform


2. 12 Secrets for Dating a Single Mum




3. How to Properly Store Breast Milk.




4. Four Lessons from Lupita




5. Mama Mgeni : What About Dad




6. Should you tie your Belly after Childbirth?




7.  Mummytales : My Best Discovery for Baby’s Skin



mother and child



8. This Mum’s Experience at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015



Isis Nyongo MumsVillage GES 2015



9. What No-one Ever Tells You About Motherhood






10.  Mummytales : My Househelp was HIV Positive




11. Yvonne Ndege : My Career or My Baby


Mums Village Yvonne Ndege and Baby Safari


12. Real Mum Interview : Chidi Udogwu 


photo credit Chidi


13. Nairobi’s 5 gems for Mother’s Day gifts


celebrating all mothers blogger Wangari raising kamau mumsvillage


What was your favourite read here on MumsVillage? What would you like to read more about? Share your views in the comments below!



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  1. hannah says:

    my favorites were Yvonne Ndege’s Confessions of a Career Mum and Motherhood: Myths versus Reality by honest mummy

  2. All very nice articles, for those who haven’t read get cracking.

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