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Painless ways to Detangle your Little Girl’s Hair

If you have ever tried to detangle your little girl’s hair, for many of us it’s traumatic. The tears and sad puppy eyes are the norm.

If you are just about to take a walk to the barber, it would be great to first understand the dynamics of your little girl’s hair. According to Wikipedia, the Andre Walker hair typing system is the most widely used system to classify hair. The system was created by the hairstylist of Oprah Winfrey, Andre Walker. According to this system there are four types of hair: straight, wavy, curly, kinky.

Type 1 is straight hair, which reflects the most sheen and also the most resilient hair of all of the hair types. It is hard to damage and immensely difficult to curl this hair texture. Because the sebum easily spreads from the scalp to the ends without curls or kinks to interrupt its path, it is the most oily hair texture of all.

Detangle your little girl's hair

Type 2 is wavy hair, whose texture and sheen ranges somewhere between straight and curly hair. Wavy hair is also more likely to become frizzy than straight hair.

While type A waves can easily alternate between straight and curly styles, type B and C Wavy hair is resistant to styling.

Detangle your little girl's hair

Type 3 is curly hair known to have an S-shape. The curl pattern may resemble a lowercase “s”, uppercase “S”, or sometimes an uppercase “Z”.[citation needed] This hair type is usually voluminous, “climate dependent (humidity = frizz), and damage prone.” Lack of proper care causes less defined curls.

Detangle your little girl's hair

Type 4 is kinky hair, which features a tightly coiled curl pattern (or no discernible curl pattern at all). It is often fragile with a very high density. This type of hair shrinks when wet. And because it has fewer cuticle layers than other hair types it is more susceptible to damage.

Detangle your little girl's hair

This Ghanaian mother of has mastered painless and stress-free hair care for her little girls.

Their flowing, waist-length tresses attest to the success of her heat-free, no fuss methods.

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