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A Cheat Sheet to Insurance

Life is full of risks. That’s what makes it so interesting and exciting. But some unexpected events can really set you back.  Whether you’re a happy-go-lucky person, a nervous Nellie, an unflagging optimist, or a plan-every-detail person, purchasing an insurance policy (which you hopefully never have to use) buys you something priceless – peace of mind.

Problem is while we learnt about Pythagoras Theorem in school, no one really talked about insurance. So when we’re adults hit with a dizzying array of insurance policies we become as confused wondering if we need all of them. Without further ado – here is our list of types of insurance you might need and what they mean:

1.When you are unable to work (Income Protection)

Are you constantly working to provide for your family a good home, food and education, or perhaps you’re working your fingers to the bone to purchase a dream car? Then one day something unexpected happens – you fall suddenly ill or get into an accident trying to avoid a boda boda. Being unable to work temporarily or permanently can place you and your family under serious financial constraints.

In the event you are unable to work having a good Income Protection cover will ensure steady income no matter what as you figure out your next move.

2.When you lose your life (Life Insurance)

Life is fleeting. One day you are here the next you are gone. Always be ready for the inevitable. If you have dependents, you need peace of mind that they will have the financial security they deserve in the event of your death. Find an insurance provider who can spend considerable time assessing your needs to tailor make a cover that suits your circumstances.

3. When you get Sick (Medical Insurance)

You maybe thinking – I get sick once a year at most if ever so why do I need medical insurance. The answer is better be safe than sorry. Just when you think something can’t happen to you that’s when it happens.

Turning up at sick medical center with no insurance is taking a risk in itself. Some medical centers will not attend to you without the full amount upfront.

The right medical cover should provide the benefits you and your family need. It should also be cost-effective in terms of what you get and can afford. Protect your health and your pocket.


4. When you get robbed (Domestic Insurance)

So you’ve just got back home from a long day at work and only dream of simply getting home, propping your feet up on the coffee table and meditating on life. You open the door and are welcomed by nothing. No coffee table, no meditating because someone decided to rob you of all your household possessions.

If you need to replace any of your belongings because of loss, theft or damage, the right insurance can give you peace of mind that you can do so timely and properly. As a result, you can minimise the financial burden on your lifestyle when things go wrong.

5. When you have a car accident (Motor Insurance)

One bright morning on your way to work you are driving through Mombasa Road singing along to Beyonce and enjoying the comfort of your car. Suddenly you feel your car jerk sideways and hear a loud smash on your door. You have been hit, not necessarily hurt but your car definitely needs a repair. Do you have insurance?

Can you afford the cost of fixing your car in the middle of the month? Are you ready to spend your whole morning debating with the matatu driver who was driving on the wrong lane? These things happen when you least expect it and to be on the safe side you need to equip yourself with the right questions when purchasing this specific insurance.


6. When you own acres of Farmlands (Property/Rural Insurance)

Today’s farmers are more sophisticated than ever. They own vast pieces of land, using advanced equipment and hire skilled personnel. Here you have Mr. Kamau, a wealthy 70 year old farmer who has spent most of his life cultivating his farm and growing his business. He has put in blood, sweat and tears to ensure his family have the best life. The only thing he needs is to ensure that what he has worked for is protected. After all, his legacy has to live on. Your Legacy has to live on so don’t be afraid to peak into the world of your tomorrow.

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