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5 Priceless Mother’s Day Gifts that will Make her Melt

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Struggling to find a gift that is thoughtful but won’t break the bank? These 5 gifts will make your mum melt without costing a thing!


  1. Write an Open Letter

Grab a piece of paper, a pen of choice and open your heart. Sometimes telling your mom you love her everyday is not enough. This Mother’s Day, sit down, put pen to paper and pour out the ways in which you value your mother and the immeasurable impact she has made in your life. No structure or format is needed to put together this gift, the more candid and raw, the better it will be. You’re going to need to strap yourself with a tissue box for this one!


  1. Get in the Kitchen

For most of us, our mothers have been in charge of preparing our meals throughout our lives. From chasing us with spoons of porridge in our toddler years to rushing home to prepare family dinner regardless of how much her day drained her, she’s always made sure we’re fed. Why not return the favor? If you’re not ambitious enough to take to Food Network and execute an elaborate feast, put together a simple meal with all the necessary food groups, plate it well and let your mum sit back, put her feet up and enjoy a meal prepared with love especially for her!

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  1. Fix it!

Every now and again, mum will complain about something – would she really be a mum if she didn’t? Good children, take the hint and run! Whether it’s a broken shower head, replacing that pesky item she insists on using but is screaming for an upgrade, or running that errand she’s been too swamped to get to – let’s help mum by making her life a little easier and connecting these dots! Take the time to notice, sometimes that matters more than you know!

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  1. Spend a Day in Nature

Get your mum out of the house and bond with her in the fresh air. Take her for a calming walk or an exhilarating bike ride in Karura Forest and reminisce on precious memories while following a peaceful path shadowed by indigenous trees. Stop by the scenic waterfall and snap a photo of her to commemorate the day. Don’t forget a to pack a picnic basket filled with her favorite treats for a quaint lunch break. Or if your mum’s appetite for nature is not that large, grab a bite at the River Café nestled in the heart of the forest.

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  1. Make an Album

Is your mom allergic to deleting photos? The unnecessary WhatsApp forwards combined with family pictures dating back to 5 years ago has nearly burned out her photo memory. Why not develop all those photos and combine them into a photo album? Let’s be honest, with every new picture she takes of you there is something that makes her heart melt differently than the last 17,000. This gift is timeless, thoughtful and most importantly, will never be subjected to technical difficulties.

throwback photo album


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