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How Ladies Really use Baby Wipes

“Hallo. Ukirudi nyumbani jioni tafadhali beba diapers”

“Diapers zimeisha? Si nilinunua packet mzima juzi?”

I realise I sound so much like my mother ever since joining the motherhood train. I used to roll my eyes every time my mum would say she just bought something the other day and was baffled that it was over. I mean, it’s not like we were selling Blueband in the black market! I dreaded becoming mum… until I became just like her.

The day I got that call, I went home with the tiniest pack of diapers and told aunty we needed to start potty training. A few weeks later, diapers were behind us but for some reason, baby wipes have refused to leave my shopping basket. Once again, I am morphing into my mother because she always has a pack in her bag and I don’t remember the last time she had to change a baby! I keep wondering why these things have become such an essential in my handbag yet before my little bae, all products with babies on them were saved for that last-minute baby shower gift. I’m hooked! So I might as well share my uses of these darn contraptions and we can start a revolution… or you could just know what some women (me) use wipes for;

During diaper changes

This is such a duuh point but I felt like I should include it since it’s the only reason I was introduced to baby wipes. Every time my little foodie would require a diaper change, wipes would come to the rescue. I know many people prefer warm water and cotton. I’m not about to lynch them or anything. But when you’re travelling (going to church or the mall counts as travelling for mums with babies), trying to look for that flask with hot water then a container… that hustle is just too much! I preferred looking for a good mild wet wipe brand that worked with bae and we were good to go.

Wiping food stains

I feel like I’ve already mentioned that my baby girl is a foodie. When she’s eating, her entire face joins in on the fun. The table, her shoes… the entire ecosystem surrounding her has to know exactly what she’s eating and get a taste. Bibs at some point just became unnecessary weight especially when she was old enough to get irritated by weird stringy things around her neck. Wipes worked because she’d make a mess of everything and I’d simply wait for her to finish and start cleaning up after her.

Ever tried using pocket tissues to wipe ketchup from both the table, your skirt and your baby’s face? You can thank me later!


Wiping electronic screens

Don’t look at me funny. We’ve all done it. For the first couple of months, life revolves around baby. We then start getting our pre-baby lives back (going back to work/the job hunt/school) but everything you own just spells out-I have an infant in my home. All my screens seemed to have food particles on them. Enter baby wipes. It started out with just wiping food stains and graduated to “my laptop looks a bit dusty, let me hook it up.” All my electronics are on fleek now! (as long as we ignore the cracks)

Eeeeek! There’s no TP in the toilet!

I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation. I once went to a restroom and by the time I realised there was no toilet paper, I had two options: Start screaming random people’s names until someone brings you tissue or get creative. Baby wipes came to the rescue!



Freshening up before an after-work/ after-school date

I’m a single mum so once in a while a hopeful “I’ve never dated a single mum” guy asks me out. Once in a while, I accept that offer. Problem is I sweat like a pig. (Do pigs sweat?) So by the end of my work day I’m nothing close to attractive. My trick-run into the ladies, pull out your baby wipes and do like the French do 😉




Cleaning dusty surfaces

Sometimes I walk in to restaurants and staring at the high chairs then my white on white outfit makes me really consider eating while standing. We’re probably getting the gist of this and already know who comes in to save the day…

Makeup remover

I know it’s recommended to wash your face but sometimes when I get to my room (read all the time) water just seems like hard work. Enter baby wipes. I don’t know if this is right but really, these things have become that shower in a pack that I wish I was introduced to even before my little bae.

woman infront of mirror

I’m sure many of you have a bunch of other baby-wipe uses, feel free to share. All those whose lives have now changed after this article, run to the nearest supermarket and get the new Johnson’s Baby Wipes. You can thank me later!


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