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11 Awesome Gifts for your Best Mum Friend who Deserves a Treat!

When you’ve just had a baby you’ll receive tons of presents – but most of them are for the baby. It’s time that new mums are given gifts that are truly useful for becoming a new parent and will genuinely make a difference to their exciting yet challenging time.

Visiting a new mum? We know you can’t wrap a bag of sleep but why not take a gift that’s just for her using these gift ideas that are on sale this week!.


1.Pampers Newborn Size 1 (44 Count)

Diapers are the holy grail for a mum with a newborn. Little humans go through a pack in such a short amount of time so you can never go wrong with taking diapers.

Buy Here and save 22%  –> Kshs 770


2. Harpic IL

This is one of the many products that you would forget when shopping and can come as a very thoughtful gift when visiting a new mum.


Buy Here for Kshs 390 and save 25%    


3. Manji Mix Oats Breakfast Cereals – 280g

Manji biscuits are a great throwback and you can be sure that the oats are just as yummy! For a breastfeeding mum getting the most nutritious meals go a long way in ensuring they are able to feed their newborn baby.


Buy Here for KSh 138 and save 40%


4. Blueband Magarine – 1kg

You could rarely go wrong with Blueband. If your mum friend likes to use Blueband on her bread and her cooking this would be a great gift to have.


Buy Here for Kshs 248 and save 25%


5.  Omo Fast Action Hand Washing Powder – 3.5kg

The amount of clothes a newborn goes through in a day especially during the cold weather is astounding. This big pack of OMO would be heaven-sent.


Buy Here for Kshs 750 and save 21%


6. Zillinger Deluxe food grade stainless steel Cookware set 17PCS

Everyone has that friend who loves to cook. They’re the Martha Stewart of the group and they know how to make one hell of a banana bread and chicken biryani. If your mum best friend loves to cook, give her gift that she will use over and over again. A 17pc cookware? That is a mega deal!!


Buy Here for Kshs 9,999 and save 60%


7. Room Fan Heater

A heater would be a perfect gift for a new mum especially during this chilly season. It is what they will use before bathing their newborn and keep the baby room warm at night.


Buy Here for Kshs 2,399 and save 31%


8. ARYUV Baby Wipes 80PCS Value Pack (x3)

A lot of ladies use baby wipes but almost every mum has had baby wipes wherever they go. Its one of the many items you are bound to find in a mum’s diaper bag. You can never go wrong with gifting your friend a 3pack of baby wipes.


Buy Here for Kshs 510 and save 15%


9. DARK AND LOVELY Au Naturale Conditioner – 250ml.

Everyone’s hair can benefit from a good hair conditioning. The new mum in your life will thank you for adding this to her self-care essentials.


Buy Here for Kshs 325 and save 35%


10. Kidful Diaper Bag For Travel

As a new mum, a good diaper bag will be your best friend. It enables you to step outside of the home with your little one in tow. Consider it a mum purse on steroids. This 5 piece diaper bag is a handy gift for a new mum because it accommodates all of baby’s stuff and has ample space for mum’s things too -which eliminates the need to carry a separate purse or handbag.


Buy Here for Kshs 1,150 and save 54%


11. Breastfeeding/Nursing Top

Breastfeeding made easier is always received with open arms. This top is a nice-to-have and is quite functional for a mum to breastfeed when she is up and about.


Buy Here for Kshs 1,500


Motherhood can feel lonely, especially when you are elbow deep in diaper changes and crying bouts. Its good to check up on your friend by making the phone call, sending a text, or initiate a coffee date to remind them they’re not alone.


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