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MumsVillage Show Episode 5 : Business of Going Green

We are back at it with a 5th Episode! It is timely with the plastic bags ban that This episode is all about The Business Of Going Green. Our hosts Isis Nyong’o and Janet Mbugua host Eve and Wariko, who are making massive strides in The Business of Going Green.


If you didn’t have a chance to tune in to the Facebook Live, you can watch the episode below:


You don’t want to miss out on how one lady made honey harvesting a business and how jean bags can be the new shopping bags. Do you have a pair of old jeans that you haven’t worn in awhile? You might be interested in what one of the guests does with an old pair of jeans.



This is what some of the viewers had to say:


We had a watch-to-win segment with giveaways such as Sayaris from Zero by Zawadi, Honey from Urban Honey and Jean Bags from Village Market. This is how it all went down:


The Winners were:

Stay Tuned for the Next Episode Coming Soon with more goodies up for grabs!



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