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MumsVillage Mum Ambassadors : Its Official!

The Mum Ambassador Program is now in full swing!  As such, we have selected the most passionate users on our platform to lead the MumsVillage vision and join our team in developing exciting ways to engage and inspire women in their neighbourhood.

This is what our first 3 Mum Ambassadors had to say,

Rachel Gakii

“I am a first time mother who loves to cook and enjoys road trips. Until I became a mum, I did not live life at 100, I got reborn with the birth of my son. I live life with a big spoon and encourage mums to ‘Run Wild’, Live Free and Love Strong! If you are mum going through a long-distance relationship I know how you feel.”



Norah Gacheri

“I am a mum of a 20month old daughter. I enjoy writing, dancing, teaching children in church, travelling and reading novels. If I am not spending time with my daughter you will find me at social and professional meetups with Nakuru mums”



Alice  Nyambura
“I am a happy mum with a 17 month old daughter. I love cooking, travelling and making friends. I am looking forward to meeting other mums in Kawangware who are passionate about keeping fit and healthy”

Watch out for the next group of Mum Ambassadors! #ItTakesAVillage



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