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Weekly Round-Up: A water birth, a 6kg baby and a reunion

Our new weekly round-up has the top stories that caught our attention last week. From an amazing water-bath, to a heartwarming reunion, the internet has been busy.

  1. Welcome to the world Baby Lamu!

Our blogger partner Shiko Nguru recently shared her beautiful water birth video and we’re still in awe.

2. “They don’t ever go away”

-Here’s one way to deal with your kids never leaving your side. Hide! http://snip.ly/k56lw

Weekly Round-up - mum hiding.

Source: YouTube.

3.We dare you not to cry!

Identical twins separated at birth meet for the very first time http://snip.ly/i8fyd

Weekly Round-Up - Twins reunited.

Source: Youtube

4. Watching over you

This twin will always have a guardian angel. http://snip.ly/gg6k1

Weekly round-up Twins

Source: Youtube

5. A 6kg newborn baby!?

This Louisiana Mom is D.O.N.E with childbirth.