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Weekly Round-up: Ask without Shame and life hacks

A new app Ask Without Shame, a life hack we can’t live without and the safe toys debate are part of the stories we love this week.

  1. Ask Without Shame

Struggling to give your teen the sex talk? A new app- ‘Ask without shame’ could be your solution. Bonus: the founder is a young Ugandan #GirlBoss. Definitely worth a look http://snip.ly/eoann

Ask without Shame


2. Work out the knots

Is your child all thumbs? This mum shares this great hack for parents of kids who are struggling  http://snip.ly/sqxai

without shame

3. How safe are your children’s toys?

According to a new Swedish Study, implies that your child’s toys might not be as safe as you think. http://snip.ly/bcex9

Without Shame

4. Children mimicking adult lives

Who says parents don’t have a sense of humour? http://snip.ly/qgd91

Without Shame

5. We all know this mum.

Or maybe you are this mum? http://snip.ly/9zoyz

Without Shame


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