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Weekly Round-Up: Representation matters and food tricks

In this week’s round-up find out why representation matters, how an amazing barber is causing ripples with his fire technique and some kitchen tricks you will try for years to come.  

  1. Representation Matters

You can’t be what you can’t see. Kenyan dollmaker Nancy Nkirote Schürch came up with her own dolls line after she realised the lack of representation in the toy industry. Her Mimi Authentic Doll line is pretty dope. Black sisters doll line.


Representation Matters

Mimi Authentic Dolls

  1. Sucking your thumb doesn’t suck

Study finds kids who suck their thumbs have fewer allergies. That includes biting those who bite their nails too. It’s all here.

Representation matters

  1. Meet the inequality fighters

8 billionaires own the same wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people. The super-rich have done very well out of an economic system that favors the few and leaves too many others behind. It doesn’t have to be this way. People like Jane live with the realities of inequality everyday. Jane is campaigning to fight inequality.

 Representation matters

  1. What a blazing technique

Palestinian barber has begun to turn heads by using large flames to straighten his clients’ hair. It’s truly on fire!

 Representation Matters

  1. Fun Cooking Tricks

Do you have a fussy toddler who hates to eat? Or are you a foodie looking to try new things? Well this cool cooking tricks video is a great place to start.

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