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Health Remedies from your Grocery

Like everything in life, your health begins and ends with you. There are many ways to improve your health and most of them are pretty simple. Most of it involves changing or varying what you eat.

Winnie’s Pure Health who have been in the health business for over 10 years have done the research and here you are: Some great health remedies to adopt.

Get rid of Dandruff– To avoid dandruff on the scalp, they recommend you take 2 spoonfuls of flax oil a day. Then whenever you wash your hair or scalp use chamomile or tea tree shampoos. Eat foods high in enzymes like lettuce, parsley, spinach, turnip, watercress and kales.

Mouth Cracks- If you have cracks at each corner of the mouth, it means you are vitamin B deficient. Try a nettle health drink, a glass of carrot juice and spiruhna every day. Eat plenty of dark green veggies  like parsley and wheat germ.

Liver Problems– Artichoke is an excellent liver detoxifier stimulates liver cell regeneration and is also a diuretic. The artichoke leaf extract is a gentle remedy for indigestion and upset stomach.

Crack in your Tongue: A crack down the middle of the tongue could be an indication of a weak stomach. Meaning your digestion is not what it should be. You should eat soups, stews and blends of food that are easily digested like millet porridge, avocados, brown rice, fennel and herbal teas.



Herbal Tea.


Trouble sleeping: Taking chamomile tea with a little honey  is a great remedy for coffee addiction. It will also help wade off those feelings of irritability, sensitivity and headaches.

Brittle Nails: Breaking nails is an indication that your liver needs help. Try eating some broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, whole grains, amaranth and nettle tea at least twice a day to remedy this.

Ulcer sootherAlfalfa is great for those with ulcers and is good for colon disorder, anaemia, hemorrhaging and arthritis. It also alkalizes and detoxifies the body.

Acne– Bathe your skin with a combination of tree oils and chamomile. It acts as a soothing, anti-bacterial wash especially if you have acne.