The Different Kenyan School Mums You’ll Meet

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These are the five common Kenyan School Mums you might meet, whether in public or private school.

  1. The Kenyan Mum winning at life.

This mum is great at everything. She drops her kids off to school on time, never misses a parent’s meeting. And what’s more, she always looks like she stepped out of a vogue magazine.

The winning Kenyan school mums

Did we mention that her kids are also all-rounders?

Kenyan school mums with brilliant kids.

2. The Kenyan Mum nobody messes with.

This mum doesn’t suffer fools easily. You know not to mess with her because her comebacks will end you mentally or emotionally. The school only calls her when it’s absolutely necessary.

Don't mess with Kenyan school mums


Even her children know that mama don’t play.

Don't mess with Kenyan school mums.

3. The Overwhelmed Kenyan Mum.

Despite all her good intentions this mum can’t seem to catch a break. She always seems exhausted but keeps going.

Exhausted Kenyan School Mums.

4. The Kenyan Mum going at it alone.

By choice or by fate, this mum is parenting on her own. They have to wear multiple hats…

Mum Hat 

Strict Mum- Kenyan School Mums

Dad Hat

Kenyan School Mum - Single

Friend Hat

I am a cool mum- Kenyan School Mum

…and the pause button does not exist for them.

Busy Kenyan School Mums.

5. The Invisible Kenyan School Mum 

Invisible Kenyan School Mums.

We don’t know her story because we have never seen nor meet her. We only know she exists because her children mention her.

To all the Mums out there doing the best for their children so that they can have a great life. WE SALUTE YOU.


Done- Kenyan School Mums.



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