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Unbelievable Discounts on Floral Dresses For Every Ocassion

Floral Prints never go out of style. They are a great way to make a statement because floral prints are versatile.


Here are 6 occasions to wear this perennial favourite. What’s more we have chic floral frock ideas at great discounts.


  • Meet the parents 

    You officially have the key to his heart and he wants you to meet his parents. Then comes the key question. What will you wear? Well fret not, according to Elle.Com, whether they’re as profoundly intimidating as the Obamas’ or more posh than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, making a great first impression is key. The first step? A solid, family appropriate outfit. We think this little number fits the bill. (P.S: Don’t forget a gift for the folks!)

Buy Now: Pleated Floral Print Dress


From Ksh1450- Ksh1090

Discount -25%



  • After Work Cocktail

The power pant suit is great for business meetings but might be a tad too uptight for an after work cocktail event. This dress is a great middle ground for both work and after work. It would also be great for a spontaneous date with hubby or your partner.

Buy Now : Floral Print Cap Sleeve Dress

By Gamiss

From Ksh 1,040 – Ksh 1,210

Discount -25%





  • PTA Meeting

If the movie Bad Moms is anything to go by, then you know PTA meetings are simply the adult versions of high school. As a parent, making a great impression is key. This particular dress is a great way to start.

Buy Now: Floral Bodycon Knee Length Dress


From Ksh670 – Ksh500

Discount -25%




  • Wedding

Of course the last thing you want to do is upstage the bride but guaranteed this dress will not break the bank, but you will look great and stylish.

Buy Now: Cream/Green Floral Print Bodycon Dress

By Shop 094

From Ksh 3,000 – Ksh1,999

Discount -33%







  • Sunday Brunch

Instyle.Com recommends, Whether you’re meeting your girlfriends over eggs or you’re on a brunch date armed with a mimosa, putting together the perfect casual yet chic outfit makes the best brunch just a little bit sweeter. Here’s our suggestion.

Buy Now: Printed A-Line Sleeveless Dress


From Ksh 1200 – Ksh 580

Discount- 52%






  • Baby Shower

First find out if there is a dress code. If there is none, then find out what the mum plans to wear and chose colours that might compliment hers. However if it’s a wing it situation, this floral dress would be a great fit and the camera will love you.

Floral Print Body-Con Dress


From Ksh 2,400 – Ksh 1,999

Discount -17%








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