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A Mum’s Hangover Survival Guide: Keeping the Kids Entertained

Something that parenting manuals never say is that children are no respecters of a hangover or a burnout. We have all been there, when you’re tired, unwell, hangover from a bender or just retiring from a hectic day but, parenting calls. There are some ways you can still keep the kids happy by using the least amount of energy possible. We have come up with creative sofa-centric ways to entertain even the most active of toddlers.

Here is our list of ways to keep the kids happy when the most you can do is lift your hands.


1. Board Games

Board games don’t require you to move from the sofa. With board games, you can gather your troop round a table or on the sofa and have unlimited fun. Choose board games that are interactive and take turns moderating the games. Examples of board games are;  chess, scrabble, Kenya at 50, Jenga, and any other board game that can be ideal for your kids age.


2. Peek-a-boo

For the months old babies, this is a great game. The best part is that you don’t have to move from the sofa, and it makes the baby animated, happy, laugh and giggly. Of course you can tweak this one depending on how your time with the baby goes and if he or she is actually in the mood. Tickling is also a great sofa activity if they are a fan and in the mood for some tickling.


3. Fine Motor Activities

If your baby is still young and still learning hand to hand and hand to eye co-ordination, there are activities that aid in these and they don’t require much movement from you. However, you’ll need to constantly be watching the baby. If you’re baby is currently able to sit unassisted, put them on a sofa and provide a bottle full of craft sticks and an empty bottle. Then have them transfer the sticks from one bottle to the other. You will only be required to watch the baby from the comfort of your seat.


4.Watch Their Favourite Cartoon on Netflix

We all have to agree that Netflix is a gift to parents. The fact that you can switch on their favourite cartoon and they can watch an episode after another without having to press a button is genius!  All you have to do is keep a watch on them and ensure that they are comfortably seated at arms length. Shameful? We don’t think so!


5. Become a Racetrack

All you have to do is lay on the floor and turn your back into a racetrack. Your child/ren can push their car/train over your back – you will get to rest your weary eyes, enjoy a nice massage as the kids have a ball. Thank us later!


6. DM to the Rescue

Don’t we just love how our DMs come to our rescue after a long night? Well, this is the only way you can last long enough to cure a hangover or feel energised so we highly advise that you liase with your DM that morning. Don’t be ashamed to sleep in after a hectic night so that you can breeze through the afternoon with your LO feeling much better.


7. Send them for a sleepover

What are friends and family for if you can’t put in a cheeky request before the night out? Send your kids to their grandparent’s place and don’t pick them up till the afternoon. You know they will get super spoilt and you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


Finally, we know you will resolve never to drink again or stay up too late, knowing fully well that you definitely will. Probably next weekend?

What other activities have worked for you that we have not included? Let us know in the comment section. Also, subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more parenting tips and fun ideas.