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3 Sure Ways for Sticking to your Goals in 2020

Congratulations! You’ve made it halfway through January, one of the toughest months of the year. If you’re like me, you like to write down your goals in grand fashion. You start the year with a bang, create a vision board, eat better, work out and all those nice things. Now that February is almost here we want to help you Maintain Your Focus!

As I eat my delicious crunchy veggie salad contemplating my #2017LifeGoals, I can’t help but admit that as we move further away from the starting line that is January, our resolve dwindles considerably. Just a few weeks into the new leaf, the goals start to become hazy. All of a sudden, temptation becomes your first, last and middle name. Not to worry – I have devised ways to succeed this year in achieving your goals, come hell or high water and so will you.

1. Do a Juice Detox: Yeah, I said it! This will clean your system, quite thoroughly. Have you tried the juice detox? It is oh, so hard! Thankfully, it is temporary. Initially, you’ll struggle and I mean STRUGGLE! However, it will totally be worth it. You will be happier, lighter and even crave healthy stuff, for a minute, but it works. My weighing scale said so and I trust her. The post-detox is the true test, so…



2.  Do Simple exercises: It is not always simple to achieve a goal, is it? However, by simple, I mean the type of achievable exercise regime that works out the entire body for a short period of time. Start gradually, 5 minutes then 10, 15, soon you will be doing 25-minute workouts non-stop (I highly recommend jogging, a great workout and you can switch between running and walking) and last but certainly not least..


3. Eat better: All these articles you read about eating right are in good taste, or are they? But if you are not able to live a completely healthy lifestyle, what do you do? Try eating smaller portions. Carry a packed lunch and snacks to the office. This prevents you from buying junk food. I’ve also stuck to the very difficult habit of eating no carbs at night. I drink lots of water, and I’ve upped my veggies and fruits. When you give it some thought, these are easy to do. Within a couple of weeks these small tweaks become habits and you don’t even give it a thought.

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They say, It takes 21 days to form a habit”. Why not try to incorporate exercise or eating better for this duration? If it sticks, well and good, if not, try something else for another 21 days. Share with me your experience or tips in the comments below. Let’s DO THIS!!


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