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4 Steps to your Christmas Beach Body

If you are preparing to go on holiday and you don’t have your beach body yet, this is definitely worth a look-see.

The constant struggle to attain that flat (-ish) washboard tummy, in a short period of time, when your wallet allows you life’s guilty pleasures, is real.

Well, my mind’s telling me yes, but my body…my body’s telling me no. I picked and stuck to one exercise program that has been working for me. In fact the dress I had hung in my wardrobe fit perfectly when I tried it on yesterday. #Winning




These 4 exercise plans have also worked well for me in the past.

1.Fit Kenyan with Imu : This was my first stint at working out, ever! The Boot camp at The Aboretum. Do you hate sports and running with a passion like I do? I prefer games that don’t exert physical energy. But Imu, he is from a different breed of trainers. He will push you to your max, after running a 2 Km run round the park – that hill though – then work out for 1.5hrs after. It was so physically draining, the drive home was excruciating, but the results were unbelievable.


2.  Jogging: Changing jobs can mess with your workout plans, especially if you exercise after work. Constant jogging, whether in your estate, neighborhood or local pedestrian path, does wonders for your body. It gives you time to think, plan, forget life’s hassles and you get fit in the process. It is great exercise for toning and training for our monthly marathons in Nairobi.

Physique Quest Gym, Dunford



3. Insanity – Shaun T was at it again. I started with this workout, along side my sister and I find it too long. But for the people who like to take a break in between, this is definitely the work out for you. Very well paced and great results after you are done.

shaun t


4. Focus T25 – Shaun T is the man behind my current run of daily workouts. This 25-minute workout with a 3 minute cool down is exhausting as there are no breaks in between, but it is totally worth it. The dress I mentioned, thank you Shaun T. My advice, if you like to work out and get it over with, like me, this will work for you. Short and sweet!



We tend to slack off. Don’t, it’ll set you back by a couple of steps in your exercise plan.

You may end up struggling with starting your work out regime again. This discussion going on in the Community page on the site has helped me stay in check.


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