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6 People You can Make Smile Today

Google provides the definition of a hero (ine) as a person, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. 

This, my dear friends, can be anyone including you and me. Whether known or unbeknownst to you, in some ways, we are all heroes. I will share with you my ideas of what I believe may be the most unsung heroes in everyday life.

1. Mum and Dad

I don’t think parents get enough credit. They have been there for you, taken care of you providing all your basic needs, nursing you to good health, giving you a hug when you need it, giving you spending money, loving you unconditionally among many other things. After reading this, call, text or give them a hug and show your appreciation.


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2. Siblings

Even through all the sibling rivalry, your brother or sister will stand up for you where needed. No questions asked, just blood protecting blood. If you haven’t told your sibling that you appreciate them, please do. Sometimes, no matter how tough they may seem, they need to be reminded of this.

African brother sister kids

3. The Nanny

In modern day Nairobi, most parents work to bring home the bacon, leaving the kids home with the nanny. We sometimes forget to appreciate how much they help out helping out as we are busy wrapping up our busy lives. Why not come home early one day, ask her/him to put their feet up and make dinner for the family. These acts of kindness go a long way.


4. Medical Workers

We have heard in the news recently about the ups and downs in the health sector. Strikes, negligence, misconduct etc. We quickly forget the lives they save every day and the excellent health care. The volunteers working alongside doctors and nurses assisting where they can. We only talk about the bad forgetting the greater good. If you went to hospital, got treatment and you are now healthy and happy? Go back and say thank you to the nurse or doctor who assisted you.


5. The Police

Despite the negative media and stories we hear out there of a few bad apples in the proverbial basket, this is group of people that may receive the least appreciation of all in Kenya especially. They are out there day and night protecting and serving yet we only talk about the bribes being received by them. Don’t judge all books by one bad cover. Next time you come across a man or woman in uniform, just say “Thank you for your service, we appreciate you”.

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6. Last but certainly not least, you!

You have helped someone out for one reason or another. Whether it is lunch money, a bed to sleep on, some loose change, a humorous story, a drink or any other way. You are a hero to someone. Don’t you forget it. We celebrate you and you should celebrate yourself every now and then. Treat yourself today to something nice to remind you why you were put on this earth.


Remember, a “Thank you” goes a long way in enriching people’s lives.

Happy Mashujaa to our unsung heroes.