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5 Kenyan Comfort Meals you need in your Life

When stressed, people turn to a bunch of different stress relievers including alcohol, exercises, holidays and usually comfort food to eat their worries away.

Urban dictionary defines comfort food as food that gives emotional comfort to the one eating it, these tend to be favorite foods of childhood, or linked to a person, place or time with which the food has a positive association.

In the spirit of healthier-ish living, I like to turn to Kenyan delicacies especially when I do not want to binge on oreos, crisps, soda, ice cream among other available options.

Some of these meals include:

Chapati and Mandazi

I think if you are a skilled chef, or semi-skilled, live near a restaurant or café in Kenya, these are delicacies that are easily available, affordable and to top it off, delicious. They can be eaten with almost anything. Especially a nice hot cup of lemon tea or traditional Kenyan tea.


Juicy Spare ribs

Pork spare ribs are a seriously delicious type of meat. Especially when cooked with the right ingredients, grilled or even oven baked and slathered with honey. Once you pinpoint your preferred butcher, usually at Dagoretti Corner, you are good to go. Bye bye stress, hello comfort.

ribs honey glazed

Ugali, Nyama Choma and Kachumbari

If you have gone on a road trip, especially towards Nakuru, I can bet that you have stopped at Kikopey for their deliciously nyama choma. The goat meat is so…tender, it is unbelievable. But if you want a quick fix, just rush to your nearest guy-on-the-grill who is available in every neighbourhood in Kenya. Use those calories to kiss your stresses away.

nyama choma

Chips and Sausage

This meal is popular especially on lazy weekends or a day out and about. This type of comfort food is easy to prepare, easily available and delicious to boot. So long as your potatoes have as few eyes as possible. On cheat day, when the stress of exercising daily gets to you, visit your local chips place and grab a packet or two.



What did one loaf say to another, “I loaf you”. It is not possible to mention comfort food in Kenya and leave out bread. Especially with Blue band spread on it to bring back happy child hood memories and help you temporarily forget your worries, bread has always been there. You can eat is as is, make all types of sandwiches or just toast it. Grab your loaf of bread, enjoy it with a nice cup of masala tea and regret later.

breadThose are some of the types of Kenyan comfort foods that helps me relieve stress. What are some of yours? From your childhood or your current go-to food. Share with me so that I can grow my list and live a stress-free life.

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