How to meditate with your kids

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Meditation for mums and kids

Meditation is a yoga practice aimed at connecting one with the deepest part within themselves.

It gives the mind a break from all the chattering. There are different meditation styles; there is meditation based on repetition of a phrase, meditation based on vocal prompts and a form of meditation where one sits still and imagines the relaxation of a particular body part. The aim of all types of meditation usually is to help you become more aware of your thoughts making it possible for you to de-clutter your mind. It’s about noticing your body, noticing your breath and relaxing your body.

Meditation for kids

Contrary to popular belief, even children are susceptible to stress and anxiety. Children meditation helps calm the mind and relief the body of physical tension. It also boosts children’s self awareness and helps them control their moods.

According to Esther Waters, a yoga teacher who teaches meditation to Mums and kids, children are likely to reap most benefits from meditation if they do it with their parent. This could be perhaps because children learn best from observation.

“When a family meditates together, it is harmonious,” she explains.

Unlike adult meditation that requires one to be absolutely still, meditation for kids doesn’t. Child – based meditation styles allow them to meditate while they interact with the environment around them.


The best part of meditation with your child is that no special equipment is needed to start up. Passing the practice on to your child is also easy. If you quietly sit in meditation, your toddler will start playing around you the first few times and then he will get curious and start imitating you. Slowly, you can make meditation a part of your daily routine. Just a few minutes in the morning and afternoon each day will be enough to start with.  It is never too late to start meditating but the earlier you get your child meditating, the better the effects it will have on him or her. You can learn meditation and then do it with your child inside the confines of your home or you can both have guided meditation with a teacher.

Do not however get disappointed if your meditation sessions with your little one are not completely free of disturbances. Try making this a family practice. All of you benefit. The children become stress free. You on the other hand calm down and let go of the clutter in your mind. This allows you to be the present mother that your children need.

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